Friday hearing coming in La’el Collins’s lawsuit against NFL

Dallas Cowboys v Detroit Lions
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The Cowboys could have tackle La'el Collins back on the team for Sunday’s game against the Giants.

As noted by Daniel Wallach on Twitter (and as confirmed by PFT), Judge Amos L. Mazzant will hold a hearing on Friday in connection with Collins’s motion for a temporary restraining order blocking his ongoing suspension. The hearing will commence at 2:00 p.m. ET.

If Collins wins, the NFL will have little choice but to reinstate him for the Week Five game against the Giants. The avenues for securing a successful appeal before kickoff will be limited, if/when Judge Mazzant issues a TRO at or near the end of business hours on a Friday.

The league suspended Collins for five games under the substance-abuse policy. He has missed three games.

He argues that the substance-abuse policy, as revised in 2020, does not permit a suspension for missed tests. He also claims that the NFL misrepresented to the arbitrator that Collins previously served a four-game suspension, a fact the arbitrator expressly cited in upholding the suspension.

In 2017, Judge Mazzant overturned the six-game suspension imposed against Ezekiel Elliott under the personal conduct policy. An appeals court scrapped the decision, because Elliott filed his lawsuit before the NFL’s internal procedures were finalized.

12 responses to “Friday hearing coming in La’el Collins’s lawsuit against NFL

  1. He violated procedure, but didn’t fail a test. This is just authority being heavy handed and making an example out of him because they are angry. It’s essentially an obstruction charge that should be dismissed.

  2. turtlesoup says:
    October 7, 2021 at 10:23 pm
    He violated procedure, but didn’t fail a test. This is just authority being heavy handed and making an example out of him because they are angry. It’s essentially an obstruction charge that should be dismissed.

    He violated procedure so he didnt fail the test. Skipping a test so you dont test dirty should carry the same penalty as a failed test.

  3. Well they also have the claim that he attempted to bribe the tester. One party or the other is way off on this. But you can Google and see he didn’t have a prior suspension so the NFL obviously lied.

  4. A Texas judge green lighting a Cowboy to play on Sunday — what a joke of a legal system.

  5. Lawyers and ongoing ambiguity with rules ,and missed calls on the field is really making the NFL special this year. ….and it’s only week 5!

  6. Collins came into the league under a huge veil of controversy about failed drug tests and other things he protested. That’s how he failed to the Cowboys.

    When so much drama always surrounds a person but it’s always someone out to get them, the problem always lies with #1!

  7. La’el is about to find out that he has been on double secret suspension this whole season.

  8. How many games has Collins played in the past two years – one, two games? Even if the court rules in his favor, he doesn’t start on Sunday. Steele has been playing well and actually has more experience with this line combination than Collin’s has anyway. Although I cannot stand the NFL’s ability to fine/punish indiscriminately, Collins should just finish his term out and re-join when cleared.

  9. You miss multiple test your guilty. You can only use so many excuses. He admitted he tried bribing the administer of the test then told the public he was only kidding. Should be gone for the year for stupidity alone.

  10. He knew he’d p*ss hot, so he didn’t show up for testing. That should absolutely carry the same penalty as p*ssing hot.

  11. If the league wants him suspended, they will make sure he doesn’t play. They did it to Zeke after everyone who saw the evidence came to the conclusion he didn’t do anything, so the league just didn’t make evidence available to the arbitration. They did it here by telling the arbitrator Collins had previously been suspended. They did it to Brady after science proved the league incorrect, but if Herr Goodell does not want someone to play, they’re not gonna play

  12. Having worked in Transportation for the DOT and instructing new hires at Orientation about the drug testing progam and how it works, I’m not buying this story at all.
    1. This is not an NFL drug testing program. Its a federally approved drug testing program that the NFL uses. They didnt create this on their own but mimic whats there already.
    2. Testers are always independent contractors who have no horse in the race as they say.
    3. Failing to show for a test is the same as failing the test. Period.
    4. We don’t know for sure if this person failed one before because the NFL is not allowed to confirm or deny due to privacy issues. They just suspend someone and you assume its for failing. So the arbitor probably did not know if this person failed a test before or not.
    No I’m not buying this story at all. Its sounds full of one way holes at best IMO

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