Jaylon Smith agrees to terms with Packers

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Jaylon Smith is on the way to Green Bay.

Smith, the veteran linebacker who was cut by the Cowboys this week, officially agreed to terms with the Packers this morning after getting close to a deal yesterday. Smith’s agents confirmed the deal with multiple reporters.

The Cowboys took Smith 34th overall in the 2016 NFL draft, getting a consensus Top 10 pick whose stock tumbled following a devastating knee injury in his final college game. Smith worked hard to rehab the injury and became a Pro Bowler in 2019.

But the Cowboys came to regret the massive contract extension they signed Smith to before the 2019 season and decided to cut him this week to avoid the risk of injury. Smith’s contract had a $9 million injury guarantee for the 2022 season.

Now Smith will try to bolster a Packers defense that has struggled this season. The Packers want to go all-in to win in what may be Aaron Rodgers‘ last year in Green Bay, and they see Smith as a piece of that puzzle.

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  1. He will fit in nice with the tradition of packer LBs getting dragged into the secondary when making a tackle.

  2. Love this move. And happy Gutie is willing to bring in vets to help during the season (unlike his predecessor).

  3. Happy to see this. Hopefully, he will be able to make an impact and resurrect his career.

  4. I’m honestly not sure what Jaylon Smith will bring to our defense, so I’ll withhold my judgment until I see how they use him and what he can do.
    It’s not a very big investment and it’s pretty much all upside, but the purple trolls will surely get themselves in a twist over it anyway.
    Their braids always seem to be strung a tad too tight.

    People all over social media ripped the signing of De’Vondre Campbell as a non-event and that move has paid early season dividends.

    So, Welcome to Titletown, Jaylon.
    I hope you enjoy your stay.

  5. Good Guy, great story, not so good player. He is a good backup at this point and the packers get him for vet min this year. What they dont get is LB who can cover or fill the rt hole. He had zero tackles this for a loss, pressure or rated positive. Most were 4-8 yards gains and were pile on tackles. He cant cover well, change direction and makes the wrong reads. Surprisingly he hits with so little force and avoids taking on blockers to the point of frustration.

    A good backup not a starter with his metal miscues and limited quickness speed.

  6. Sometimes a written off player just need a change of scenery,hopefully that is the case here and did Aaron Rodgers give his ok to this deal.

  7. Nice, unless I have it wrong, dude will double dip this year. He still gets his salary from the boys and now he gets new checks from greenbay.

  8. I’m so happy the Cowboys made this move. The dude is just clunky. He can only run straight and downhill. He can’t pivot, he can’t cut and he can’t tackle. He is always the last one on the pile. Hope you Packer fans love meaningless celebrations on the field cause that’s about all he brings

  9. Yes, Aaron signed off on it. Why wouldn’t he? In fact, he was the one that suggested the move to us shareholders.

    billh1947 says:
    October 7, 2021 at 9:30 am

    Sometimes a written off player just need a change of scenery,hopefully that is the case here and did Aaron Rodgers give his ok to this deal.

  10. Did Brian Gutekunst first run this pass General Manager Aaron Rodgers? I’d hate to see Gutey make any sort of move without first checking with the boss and getting his approval.

  11. I wonder if his decline is related to his major injury before the 2016 draft or his injury history up to now. I wish him the best, he worked hard at it. Him being a five star recruit and Butkus award winner, he was at least able to get a Pro Bowl nod in 2019.

  12. prior poster forgot the offset language in his contract. Whatever he gets from GB is subtracted from what Dallas pays him.

  13. Packers explored the Stephon Gilmore trade, Added Rasul Douglas and added Jaylon Smith – making moves. Haters going to hate.

  14. You could sign the 85 bears D and it wouldn’t t matter with Joe Barry running it.

  15. Great guy. But in the end, Dallas’ linebacker corps is in great shape and Smith didn’t provide enough value on game days. If anything, he provided negative value. Through four games, opposing quarterbacks were regularly targeting checkdown passes in his direction, KNOWING he could be beat in the open field: Smith’s average depth of target of 0.3 yard is the lowest figure among defenders with at least 10 targets, and yet Smith was allowing 71 yards after the catch. He was a liability in coverage, didn’t do enough in run support, and couldn’t play on special teams. As a result, he’s gone. A change of scenery won’t fix his medical foot drop issue.

  16. Should have just overpaid Blake Martinez.

    Revolving door of average players since he left. Smith will probably be more of the same.

  17. haywoodj says:

    October 7, 2021 at 8:36 am

    cannot be there for too long without some cap gymnastics. cap hell in gb next year
    Its usually a pretty good guess when someone spouts “cap hell” their clueless to the cap and likely football in general. This is a 1 year deal that’s likely not worth more than the minimum BUT even if it was 100 million dollars for 1 year it wouldnt affect the future cap because repeat after me it’s a 1 year deal🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  18. leeeeroyjenkins says:
    October 7, 2021 at 10:42 am
    You could sign the 85 bears D and it wouldn’t t matter with Joe Barry running it.

    Of course it wouldn’t, those guys are all really old!

  19. Years ago Charles Woodson was washed up too when GB signed him. This season Campbell was washed up when they took him. Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t. But it’s worth a (minimum) shot. After an awful first game, the Packer defense has been mostly not awful, even without Z. Smith. Losing Alexander for long will hurt though.

  20. Congratulations to Jaylon on joining the greatest team in the entire history of the NFL – your 13 time World Champion Green Bay Packers!

  21. So Dallas decided to eat the contract for the good the team, and Green Bay, in signing Jaylon as a free agent, has no responsibility for it. At this point of the season, he is probably playing for veteran’s minimum, game-by-game, if cut later in the season (like when David Bakhtieri or Z returns), no cap hangover for Green Bay — that’s all on Dallas. Do not see a downside here.

  22. Boys fans saying he’s trash after he is no longer on their team. Probably elite while he was.

  23. Wait til the Pack find out he is slower and less mobile then the stiffs they have now. Wonder if his 9 mil, if he gets injured and cant play stipulation is still in tact. Thats why Dallas dumped him.

  24. Years ago Charles Woodson was washed up too when GB signed him.

    They didn’t pay him like it. (7 years, $52mil)

  25. Woodson had two first-team All-Pro awards and four Pro Bowl appearances on his resume, but all came in his first four seasons with the Oakland Raiders. In the four years that followed, his career was derailed by injuries and a falling out with that organization, and when he hit the free-agent market in the spring of 2006 he was stunned to find the Packers were the only team offering him a contract.

    Lightning sometimes does strike twice.

  26. when he hit the free-agent market in the spring of 2006 he was stunned to find the Packers were the only team offering him a contract.

    The Jags and Bucs were in as well, but they wanted to move him to safety.

  27. The Cowboys have one of the strongest LB group of the NFL, with Parsons, who is playing lights out, Neal, Cox, who is a steal in round 4, and Vander Esch. So it played out a lot in their decision.

  28. I am expecting a very motivated Cowboys team to be playing on Sunday.
    This release reminds me of Jimmy Johnson cutting a player mid season for falling asleep in a meeting.
    I don’t remember those guys losing another game that season.

  29. The Packers Cap Hell for next year was already assured, despite whoever they bring in this year.

    All-in, everybody.

  30. Many players just can’t play for McCarthy he’s just not a good Football coach. Jaylon in GB will probably be a Pro Bowl selection this year, fantastic kid and a hell of a football player. Great pick up.

  31. I’m a Cowboys fan that has watched every snap of Jaylon Smith. If the Packers are smart you need to keep him at the line of scrimmage and get him off the field on 3rd down. That being said as a run Blitzer he can still be effective in certain spots

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