Josh Allen on facing Chiefs: It’s Week Five, that’s all it is

AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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With the Bills headed to Kansas City this weekend, there’s a lot of talk about their matchup with the Chiefs being a rematch of last year’s AFC finalists.

The Chiefs beat the Bills 38-24 to advance to the Super Bowl in that January matchup, but quarterback Josh Allen is downplaying any storyline linking that game to the one that will be played on a Sunday night. Allen said that he understands the narrative while emphasizing the need to keep thoughts on this being Week Five of a different season than the one that ended in disappointment for Buffalo.

“That’s all it is, it’s Week Five,” Allen said, via the team’s website. “I would assume that they’re thinking the same thing. Everybody wants to make this big deal about the AFC Championship rematch, and I get that’s what it is. But it’s a new year and this team’s different than last year and their team’s different than last year. . . . Whether we win or lose, we’re not going to let this game define who we are. We’re going to have to keep learning and keep growing as the season goes on. But it is the biggest game because it’s the next one. All of our attention is focused on this one.”

A win isn’t going to do anything to change what happened in January, but it will serve as a measuring stick for this season and a Buffalo win would leave them at the front of the pack in the chase for this year’s Super Bowl.

9 responses to “Josh Allen on facing Chiefs: It’s Week Five, that’s all it is

  1. Bills fan here – this game means more for the bills than it does the chiefs, simply because a W makes what they’ve done last three weeks legit. A loss doesn’t squash anything, ultimately a loss I think would take a lot of pressure off of the bills because many would write them off, kind of like last season. Both teams will be in the thick of things regardless of the outcome Sunday but I think the bills have the most to gain with a win here, but a loss doesn’t ruin either team

  2. Both teams are easy to like. Both QB’s come off as good guys and don’t talk trash, both QB’s are super talented, both coaches are good and both franchises have good history. I’m hoping for another championship game between the two.

  3. Good perspective buuuuuuut you need to do your part in keeping them out of the playoffs.

  4. boogiewstu says:
    October 7, 2021 at 9:57 am
    Good perspective buuuuuuut you need to do your part in keeping them out of the playoffs.


    The Chiefs? I think that’s a bit of a pipedream. More realistically the Bills need to win to give them a jump on KC in a potential battle for a first round bye and home field advantage.

  5. The AFC Championship rematch will be played after the season ends. That’s what Allen is saying.

  6. Does anyone not think the Bills will put 50 up on that horrid defense? Not the same team as last year.

  7. Excellent Sunday night game on paper. I hope it lives up to the hype. The NFL has nailed the primetime schedule so far.

  8. The Bills pass rush is much improved from last year, so we will see how that impacts things compared to last year.

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