Report: Baker Mayfield playing through partially torn labrum in left shoulder

Cleveland Browns v Minnesota Vikings
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The left shoulder injury Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield suffered in Week Two was a partially torn labrum.

That’s the word from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, who reports that the injury will not require surgery “as of now.”

The Browns listed Mayfield on their injury report in Week Three but did not list him in Week Four or for yesterday’s first practice of Week Five. Mayfield, however, acknowledged that he’s been wearing a harness on his non-throwing shoulder while saying it shouldn’t affect his throwing ability.

While Mayfield says his accuracy hasn’t been affected by the injury, he undeniably has been throwing less accurately recently: He completed 75 percent of his passes in Week One and 90 percent of his passes in Week Two, the game when he suffered the injury. But in Week Three he completed just 61 percent of his passes and in Week Four he was down to 45 percent.

18 responses to “Report: Baker Mayfield playing through partially torn labrum in left shoulder

  1. Mayfield just needs to be a game manger…he’s got two stud RB’s that keep that offense moving. He can do that with one arm.

  2. I always love these reports that it wont impact his ability to throw. News flash, every single time a QB injures his non throwing shoulder it impacts his ability to throw. The entire body has to work together. Certainly it wont be the hindrance that injuring his throwing shoulder would be, but it always, always, always has a negative impact on accuracy when a non throwing shoulder is injured

  3. Put him on ice and put Keenum in. Baker has been average at best this year and the rest of that team is stacked. Keenum can fill in without the offense missing much.

  4. Kid is a gamer, no doubt. But that can also lead to stupid stuff. Not the worth #1 overall pick and a mammoth extension, but certainly of leading the Browns, especially if healthy and with Stefanski. He has matured. They can win big with him, at the right price and other pieces.

  5. Playing on his 5th year option in 2022 so the Browns can “see a little more” from him……

  6. Teams will now sell out to stop the run and dare the Browns to beat them throwing the football. Watch the Chargers do it this weekend and the Browns lose ugly.

  7. Yet, Gimpy IRpolo takes himself out of the game and may miss this Sunday’s game with a bruised calf

  8. Awful takes on this thread. Baker was hitting 90% of his passes and not drinking and dunking. So many of you guys still Think obj is a elite WR, hes not. He got open last week a baker missed him. That’s on baker. But other than Chubb and hunt. A lot of other QBs have better weapons. Landry is a good Slot WR. Obj is too small to play outside and scared to play inside where the LBs roam. Baker is a good QB, hes the guy who turned Cleveland around.

  9. clevelandsportsandotherthingsthatmakememad –

    I completely agree with your take but something that is baffling me is on that 3rd down play with Felton wide open for the 1st down 10 feet in front of Baker, do you know he didn’t make that throw? Maybe a big coaching emphasis on no turnovers that is making him sling it less? Maybe you saw something there that I missed?

  10. Josh Allen hurt his non throwing shoulder last year and it really hurt his accuracy until he healed up; it took him @ 4 weeks until he was better, and Baker will probably be the same.
    Baker’s real issue is his footwork though. He needs to clean that up more than anything. Less commercials & more footwork drills in the off-season will help his game.

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