Retrial date set for April 4 in death of former Saints defensive end Will Smith

New Orleans Saints v St. Louis Rams
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A new trial date has been set for Cardell Hayes in the death of former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith after his previous conviction was thrown out by the United States Supreme Court in January.

According to Kevin McGill of the Associated Press, a new trial has been set to begin on April 4.

Hayes was convicted of manslaughter in the death of Smith in 2016 that stemmed from a traffic dispute. Hayes was convicted by a non-unanimous decision, 10-2. Such judgments have since been deemed unconstitutional and Hayes’ conviction, which had been under active appeal at the time of the Supreme Court decision on split decision judgments, was thrown out.

Hayes has claimed he acted in self defense. Hayes and Smith engaged in an argument after their vehicles collided. Hayes then fatally shot Smith, and his wife Racquel was also injured in the incident.

Hayes had been serving a 25-year prison sentence from the conviction handed down in 2017. He has been free on conditional release and home confinement since the prior judgment was tossed.

4 responses to “Retrial date set for April 4 in death of former Saints defensive end Will Smith

  1. I can not for the life of me understand how this could take more than 3 seconds to convict. Dude followed him, shot him, then shot is wife for good measure.

  2. In new Orleans where I live it is almost impossible. I have been on jury duty some are just screwing the system up. Not everyone but just enough.

    I will definitely agree system is screw up but you need to fix the system with vote not letting dangerous people free.

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