Denzel Mims “doing everything I can” to give Jets what they want

New York Jets v New York Giants
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Wide receiver Denzel Mims was able to get back on the field for the Jets last weekend, but the 2020 second-round pick might not get off the inactive list against the Falcons in London this weekend.

Elijah Moore is back after missing last Sunday with a concussion and history says that will leave Mims without a spot for the third time this season. Mims caught one pass for 40 yards while playing three snaps with two wideouts missing in the opener, but was inactive the next two weeks before Moore’s injury gave him another chance.

Mims didn’t have a pass thrown his way in 10 snaps against the Titans and said on Thursday that “of course it’s frustrating” to find himself in this situation after a solid rookie season. The reasons for the changed circumstances have ranged from missed time with food poisoning in the spring to not playing special teams and Mims said the Jets have communicated to him what they want to see for him to move back up the ladder.

“I know what they want,” Mims said, via Mark W. Sanchez of the New York Post. “I’m doing everything I can to get everything right and give them what they want.”

Given Mims’ standing with the team, it’s reasonable to wonder if the team might try to trade him before the November 2 deadline. Mims said he’s “not worried about that” as he tries to find his way back into the lineup on a regular basis.

5 responses to “Denzel Mims “doing everything I can” to give Jets what they want

  1. Something going on behind the scene here. Salah just doesn’t seem to like the dude and there’s probably a reason for that.

  2. Its not some big conspiracy…
    C Davis
    K Cole
    E Moore
    J Crowder
    B Berrios (return man)
    These guys have all produced, who would you sit?

  3. If you want to trade him, then play him, let him produce, then trade him.
    You will get a lot more than if you bench him.

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