Jamal Adams struggles, but Pete Carroll says not to blame any one guy

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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The Seahawks traded two first-round draft picks to the Jets for Jamal Adams, then made Adams the highest-paid safety in the NFL. They have not been getting much of a return on their investment.

Adams has struggled in coverage all season, and even in the one area where he has previously been effective — blitzing from the safety position — he’s been a non-factor so far this season. In Thursday night’s loss to the Rams, Adams got lost in the secondary and failed to make a play as Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford hit DeSean Jackson for a 68-yard catch.

But Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said after the game that he doesn’t think it’s fair to blame any one player for the major issues facing Seattle’s defense.

“Unfortunately on the big play he didn’t find his way to the ball,” Adams said. “They were very fortunate that that happened. We were over the top and had the guy doubled and all that kind of stuff, and I don’t even know why he threw it. But the fact that they did and they made a play, give them credit. It’s great play by their quarterback and by DeSean. You know, I’m not going after any one guy on anything about anything right now. It’s not the time. Go after me first.”

People will definitely go after Carroll and Seahawks General Manager John Schneider for how poorly the Adams trade has gone. And opposing quarterbacks will keep going after Adams, until he proves that he’s the kind of player the Seahawks thought they were trading for.

35 responses to “Jamal Adams struggles, but Pete Carroll says not to blame any one guy

  1. Jamal Adams was beaten like a rented mule…by 3 different Rams receivers. If he keeps playing like this, Seattle got a bad deal.

  2. “…and I don’t even know why he threw it.” – Let me guess…the QB is going to take a shot at a safety with (1) career int.

  3. Adam’s has always over hyped himself, and then the media did it too, I remember the praise he got in New york and the his first year out west. Guy would’ve been a great SS in the 80s or 90s, but you need to be able to cover now in football. Cant just line him up in the box every play. They need to just vite the bullet admit they messed up and he isnt a DB. Make him a hybrid LB.

  4. Joe Douglas is looking more and more like a genius. Already turned one of the 1sts into Alijah Vera-Tucker who didn’t allow a single pressure vs Titans and is starting to play better and better as a rookie. Can’t complain. Solid foundation piece.

    Jamal was always a “Me” player, got his money and looked incredibly slow and lost yesterday getting torched. Shame

    Tape doesn’t lie he’s god awful in coverage that contract is already looking horrible 4 games in.

    Thank you Joe D!

  5. Pete seems to have lost it. He deserves a lot of credit for building Seattle to the successful team it has been in the past 10 years but wow what a weird transactions. 2 first and a lucrative deal for a safety. I never found Adams to be good in coverage. That deal would have been a bit much for a shutdown corner. Maybe Pete saw another LOB with Adams as his Kam but that strong defense has had for a years has really been nonexistent for a couple seasons. I will still give Carroll the benefit of doubt but he is definitely closer to end as he gets closer to 70. Especially with Wilson wanting to leave.

  6. A former first round pick gets traded for 2 first round picks and is given $70 Million for 4 years and looks like he wouldn’t make several teams practice squads at Safety.

  7. You do have to blame one guy. It’s Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton Jr.

    In over his head for years now! Can his butt today!

  8. While other teams celebrate things like, ya know, WINS, Jets fans are celebrating that players who used to play for them are also terrible.

  9. He is and always has been a box safety.

    Box safeties are useless in the passing NFL.

    The Seahawks were stupid enough to trade for one the give him stupid money.

  10. With Seattle’s defense playing so bad and Russell Wilson not being healthy this might turn into a top 10 pick!!

  11. Seahawks fans are still in denial that you should never trade 2 1st for a safety with poor coverage skills.

  12. I can’t imagine a “rebuild” done by these clowns. Carroll and Schneider need to go……..

  13. I was at the Vikings/Hawks game, and I don’t think I have ever seen so many open receivers in a game (TV just doesn’t show the whole field). I thought Pete was a defensive back guru, but geez all those DBs, including Adams, looked lousy in that game.

  14. The Jamal Adams trade could become the new version of the Herschel Walker trade for the great dallas teams of the early 1990s

    The Jets were smart in that Adams was a good player, but wanted to be paid like the best in the NFL–and he just doesn’t play a position that justifies that level of pay. At best he was good in coverage with the Jets–at times–not so good. He also was very vocal, but maybe not in the best way. He threw a fit over teams calling about trading for him–the Jets weren’t supposed to take calls?

    So, good player, high ego, very sensitive, and did not play a premium position. Jets were brilliant to get Two #1 picks for him (and more), avoid a contract headache and let him play elsewhere.

    The sad fact for the seahawks–they had some drafts in which they hit major on a bunch of 5th round picks, a 3rd round pick, and had a super bowl winner/contender for a few years.

    Problem is, since then their GM has not had much production out of his drafts. Currently, the defense is kind of a mess scheme and personnel wise–just not enough good coverage in the secondary to make their cover 3 scheme work, and Caroll/Ken Norton Jr don’t seem willing to work with what they actually have on the roster. PFF breaks down how they don’t substitute much to match other teams, and its killing them. They also have a slot corner playing outside because they are the best cover corner they have….its not good. Seahawks are worst defense in NFL and could be worse of all time, yardage wise if things don’t change.

    Then they throw a ton of money at Adams….but he can’t fix the coverage issues himself. And not even making much impact in pass rushing either.

    With the Wilson injury, that #1 Seahawks pick could be even more valuable come the 2022 draft.

    Never get too attached to a player. Maybe the next question is–has Russell Wilson played his last game as a Seahawk?

  15. radar773 says:
    October 8, 2021 at 12:08 pm
    Jamal Adams was beaten like a rented mule…by 3 different Rams receivers. If he keeps playing like this, Seattle got a bad deal.

    Based upon what Seattle has given up, it’s already a bad deal

  16. I’m really, really confused. I thought he was as great as Tom Brady and Aaron Donald and he was going to bring Super Bowls to the Hawks. Hmmm.

  17. Funy how some guys once they get ‘da big moooney’ forget how to play the position or slack off for some reason like, I can do it all so why try to show that I can do it all.

  18. Roy Williams 2.0

    Not going to say Roy was a good cover guy.. but he finished with 20 career INTS.

    Adams has 2 (TWO)… and might not be a good bet to hit double digits..

  19. Even if Jamal Adams was playing well, that would be a terrible trade and a terrible contract.

  20. Adams has stunk since he got the contract. Plain and simple. Even his tackling was half-hearted last night. He is a total bust. Another big mouth who’s true character has shown itself.

  21. Roy Williams 2.0

    Not going to say Roy was a good cover guy.. but he finished with 20 career INTS.

    Adams has 2 (TWO)… and might not be a good bet to hit double digits..


    Rather than the safety Roy Williams, I interpreted this to mean Roy Williams the WR the Cowboys gave Detroit a 1st, 3rd, and 6th round picks for. The Cowboys got very little production from Williams considering the cost…similar to Seattle and Adams so far.

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