Judge takes La’el Collins case under advisement

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Cowboys tackle La'el Collins may be available to play on Sunday — even if the Cowboys aren’t ready to use him.

Judge Amos L. Mazzant has taken under advisement a request from Collins to issue a temporary restraining order blocking the ongoing enforcement of his five-game suspension. Collins already has missed three games.

Even if Judge Mazzant ends the suspension, Collins likely would not play on Sunday against the Giants. Via Clarence E. Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said Friday that there’s no plan in place to use Collins on Sunday, if his remaining suspension is blocked.

The NFL continues to aggressively defend its position that Collins should be suspended the full five games. Agent Peter Schaffer, who assists in the representation of Collins in this matter, issued a statement following the hearing.

“I was embarrassed today to be a part of the NFL, as the league’s outside lawyers made numerous unsubstantiated and unnecessary attempts to assassinate the character of Mr. Colllins,” Schaffer said. “He is a member of the league and should be treated with respect. The NFL’s ‘win at all costs’ mentality when dealing with its own players on display today was and is shameful. We hold the NFL in the highest regard, but today their counsel didn’t live up to that standard.”

The challenge to the suspension arises from arguments that the substance-abuse policy doesn’t permit a suspension for missed tests, and that the league misrepresented to the arbitrator that Collins previously had been suspended four games under the policy. He had not previously been suspended.

2 responses to “Judge takes La’el Collins case under advisement

  1. If you can’t be suspended for missed tests, why would you ever take a test. Might as well do whatever drugs you want and ignore the testing guy.

  2. The argument was that the suspension should have only been two games, not five, because he had no previous suspensions.

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