Lane Johnson is back in Philadelphia, but he remains out

Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles
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Eagles tackle Lane Johnson missed Sunday’s game against the Chiefs and hasn’t practiced this week due to a personal matter. The Eagles have been discreet about the situation, and rightfully so.

John Clark of NBC Sports Philadelphia reports that Johnson returned to the team facility on Thursday and “met with some Eagles.” Clark also reports that Eagles security chief Dom DiSandro “went to Oklahoma on Wednesday and brought Lane back to Philly.”

Johnson will receive an official designation for Sunday’s game at Carolina later today. Johnson’s health and overall well-being takes precedence. It’s encouraging that the league has evolved to the point where appropriate sensitivity and patience are given to situations like this.

7 responses to “Lane Johnson is back in Philadelphia, but he remains out

  1. No knows what’s going on but I have a feeling Lane may suddenly retire. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. What’s with this latest thing in the NFL, our for, personal reasons? Personal matter? They have only a number of games all year long, unlike other sports, nothing compared to other sports, yet on Sunday they need that day off, Sunday of all days? These guys today, compared to other era’s, it’s embarrassing. Can you imagine Joe Greene, Dick Butkus, Ronnie Lott saying, hey man I know we got a big game Sunday, but you know I’m just not feelin it, I need a personal day.

  3. This doesn’t seem like it’s going to end all that well for Lane or the Eagles at this juncture….

  4. Lane is and always has been a beast. I would love him on my team and so would all the others on here with the “fun” comments. Don’t fool yourselves, top 5 right offensive end in football his entire career.

    I hope whatever is going on gets handled in what’s best for him and his family. Speculating at this point is ridiculous.

    Best wishes.

  5. He was caught using PED a few years ago, could another suspension be on the horizon? I hope not , but that’s just a hunch

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