Logan Ryan encouraged Dak Prescott during his rehab

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
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Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott will play the Giants on Sunday, which is 364 days since his compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle against the Giants in Week 5 last season at AT&T Stadium.

Giants cornerback Logan Ryan was the defender who made the tackle on Prescott on the play. Ryansaid he encouraged Prescott during his rehab, having gone through something similar in 2018 when he broke his leg.

“So I had some books to help me get through it, and I sent him some books and, apparently, it helped him get through it,” Ryan said, via Garrett Stepien of SNY. “That was, obviously, my goal and intended, and I just wanted him to come back, come back a great quarterback, and he is.”

Prescott is playing as well as he ever has, completing 75.2 percent of his passes for 1,066 yards with 10 touchdowns and two interceptions. The Cowboys are 3-1.

“He looks really good,” Ryan said. “He looks healthy, which is great, and he looks like he’s operating like one of the best quarterbacks in football — just how they’re moving the ball and the command he has, great command along the line of scrimmage. So you’ve got to root for a guy that’s a good guy and had a tough injury, obviously. You’ve got to root for stories like that.

“And I just love playing against Dak for the competitor that I am and we are. We have to lead our units and we’ll go out there, have to play the game. But between me and him, I’m happy that he’s back. I’m happy that he’s operating at a high level because I think when you play the game for the years and you’ve won some Super Bowls and you’ve had some contracts, I think what keeps you in the game is competition. You want to compete against the best. Everyone wants to play against Tom Brady and play against the best. Dak’s one of the best right now, so we want to play against him and we want to play well. It’ll be a great challenge.”