NFL sends internal message to employees regarding Jon Gruden email

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In the aftermath of the news that Raiders coach Jon Gruden sent an email to former Washington executive Bruce Allen in 2011 containing a racist trope regarding NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith, the NFL has sent an email to all employees regarding the situation.

“You may have seen media reports today regarding a July 2011 email from Jon Gruden, who was then an employee of ESPN and is now the head coach of the Raiders,” the message begins. “The email made inappropriate and offensive references to NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith.

“These references to DeMaurice Smith in the email were denigrating, appalling, abhorrent, and contrary to our values of respect and inclusivity. We whole heartedly condemn these comments.

“We would like to remind everyone that we take our NFL values seriously.  Our HR department and our leaders are always available to support anyone who feels that these values have been compromised.”

The NFL reportedly is investigating Gruden for potential discipline. The Raiders also are reviewing the matter.

15 responses to “NFL sends internal message to employees regarding Jon Gruden email

  1. Bet some of this group were bullies in the past, or have gotten dui arrests, or any of a multitude of other less than desirable or respectable actions in their history. Lets lay it all out and see where where the chips fall.

  2. If the NFL tries anything, Gruden should sue them for $10 billion and he’d win.

  3. The email was discovered as part of an NFL investigation of the WTF. Thiis message was sent during a time Gruden was not employed byany NFL team. seems to me the NFL should be looking for the person who intentionally leaked this email to the Wall Street Journal. That person put a match to this combustible material.

  4. Meanwhile, Urban Meyer’s prayers were answered that someone would do something dumber than him

  5. All you can do is stop people from saying what they are thinking. So this is pretty much a failure. You will never fix or stop racism.

  6. I’m African American and I could care less about this. Stupid comment yes. Shouldn’t have said it yes. But to worry about something that happened 10 yrs ago is a complete waste of time and headlines.

  7. He’ll get fined, maybe suspended 1 game (by the team, not the league). Bigger issue is in the locker room.

  8. When someone points out that a person said or did something that shows they are racist, many jump to defend him. It was just words. A private conversation. It was in the past. It was not how he acted towards me.

    When someone points out that a person said or did something that shows they are racist, many jump to attack him. Your are misunderstanding. You are too sensitive. You are being politically correct. You are too angry.You are lying about it.

    Our country has no systemic racism.

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