Russell Wilson out several weeks after surgery on injured finger

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson underwent surgery on his injured finger Friday, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports. The procedure, which was performed by noted hand specialist Dr. Steven Shin, stabilized Wilson’s finger with screws.

It will keep Wilson out for several weeks.

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports the Sehaawks are bracing for Wilson to miss at least a month and possibly up to eight weeks. Wilson ruptured a tendon in his right middle finger in Thursday night’s loss to the Rams.

He injured the finger on his follow through on a long incompletion to Tyler Lockett in the third quarter. Wilson’s finger connected with the hand of Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald.

Wilson returned for one series before Geno Smith replaced him.

Wilson has made 149 consecutive starts, which is the longest by an active quarterback and the second-longest streak to start a career behind only Peyton Manning (208) among quarterbacks since the 1970 merger.

Wilson entered Week 5 leading the league in passer rating at 129.9.

26 responses to “Russell Wilson out several weeks after surgery on injured finger

  1. Whats worse Wilson out for 6 to 8 weeks or Jets possibly getting a top 10 pick next year

  2. Geno Smith hasn’t been a starter since he failed with the Jets.
    I can easily sea the Seahawks losing 3 or even 4 games if Wilson is out for 4.
    If he’s out for 6 then at least 4 losses is quite realistic.

    If Wilson comes back and they are 2-7 then the season is lost.

  3. The Hawks might find themselves with a top 10 Draft pick..

    … that belongs to the Jests.

  4. Well that’s a wrap on the Seahawks season. Their D was suspect (it was bad) through their first 5 games, and even Russell couldn’t have overcome that. The Seahawks need to re group, they are the weakest team in their division. Question is, does Russell want to stick around? He’s been a stud for the last 10 years. Hope he heals quickly, he’s fun to watch, makes the game better, and I have DK in my fantasy league!

  5. Get well, Russ! We need you healthy so our new GM will be able to convert you into multiple 1’s and 2’s for our new coach to replenish the stock. Go Hawks!

  6. Good luck Geno! I’m all for a second chance/redemption story & I hope he can pull it off while Russ is out. If not, the Hawks will be in some serious trouble as their division is a gauntlet of potential playoff teams.

  7. We’ll see if other GMs are willing to give a ton of picks for an aging, sandlot style QB that can’t make quick decisions.

  8. I can’t see Wilson choosing to come back to Seattle next year if he returns to a team with a losing record and ultimately misses the playoffs. His mind was already wandering this offseason, and now this. The Seahawks won’t even benefit too much from this, seeing as they gave up this year’s first in the trade for Adams (laughable then, now and forever). Money talks so who knows, but I think this will be a critical juncture in determining Wilson’s future in Seattle, if there is one.

  9. Geno scored just as many TDs as Russ did last night. Russ had the ball at the end of the first half and at the beginning of the second half and scored NO POINTS! Tyler Lockett doesn’t fall down at the end of the game, there would have been a reported Geno-quake

  10. Looked pretty nasty, Wilson’s tough, other than his finger tip going in the wrong direction he was fine.

  11. Lucky for the Seahawks that Jamal Adams is playing lights out on their fantastic defense, should ease the pain somewhat.

  12. I figured this would be the outcome. Looked liked a pretty significant injury. I think hoping its was just a sprain was pretty conservative. As for Geno. Even if Lockett didn’t fall down at the end of the game that was still more than likely a pick. There were 4 defenders in the area. I’m sure Geno has progessed since his Jet time but there’s a reason he’s a backup and not a starter. In that division their playoff hopes just went out the window.

  13. With Russ gone, Carroll’s shortcomings will be vividly amplified. Management has to move on. Pete is a dinosaur who butchers games with bizarre moves in critical spots. Also, every time a receiver catches a ball on clueless Jamal Adams, it’s another nail in Carroll’s coffin. His fate is sealed

  14. The reason that Peyton Manning managed such a long streak of games played was for three reasons. First, he never took off and ran, so didn’t expose himself to injury that way. Second, his team always prioritized protecting him, so he rarely got sacked. Third, he got the ball out so quickly that he was seldom even touched by the defense.

  15. The Jets and the Eagles might have half of the first 10 picks in this draft. That’s crazy!!

  16. As great as Wilson’s career has been, just imagine how great it would be if he didn’t face his tormentor, Aaron Fricken Donald, twice a year.

  17. Didn’t Donald do this to Brees a couple of years ago? It was a freak accident then…

  18. I remember how Geno Smith got injured early in his career, and why many of his teammates then said he had it coming (I agree).

    Hopefully he’s found a bit of maturity since then and will be a better teammate. If that happens, they have a chance. If it doesn’t, no chance at all.

  19. cardiovascularendurance says:
    October 8, 2021 at 9:29 pm
    The Jets and the Eagles might have half of the first 10 picks in this draft. That’s crazy!!

    Dont know what your thinking but the Lions have a lock on the one pick and got two ones and a 2 from the Rams for Stafford. Thats ok, they will flub it up and pick people who end up losing disappointments.

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