The clock continues to tick toward a potential divorce between Russell Wilson, Seahawks

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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Last year, the Seahawks started 5-0, finished 12-4, and exited the postseason in the wild card round. (Sorry, the super wild card round.) After the dust settled on the season, a storm of something other than dust emerged regarding quarterback Russell Wilson‘s future in Seattle.

This year, the Seahawks have started 2-3. They’re currently in sole possession of last place in the NFC West. Through five games, they’re only one loss behind last year’s total number of defeats.

Barring a dramatic turnaround, and some significant playoff success, the talk of a Wilson trade will resurface.

For now, Wilson continues to compartmentalize, loving the one he’s with because he has no other choice. In an interview with Erin Andrews of Fox Sports, which aired before last night’s game, Wilson downplayed the storyline that emerged immediately after Wilson was seen looking miserable in a luxury suite at Super Bowl LV.

“I think things get kind of blown out of proportion a little bit, and teams were saying that I requested a trade,” Wilson told Andrews. “So it kinda got a little confused.”

Contributing to the confusion was the fact that, after Wilson appeared on Dan Patrick’s show and made his discontent with the current state of the Seahawks obvious, Wilson’s agent declared that, while Russ doesn’t want a trade, he’d accept a trade to the Raiders, Cowboys, Saints, or Bears. It was unprecedented, and it can’t be ignored as the Seahawks now sit 12 games away from their next offseason.

Indeed, after the Wilson interview aired, Greg Olsen (who spent 2020 with the Seahawks) said that Wilson will stay in Seattle only as long as he feels everyone is fully committed to winning. A few weeks back, Wilson said he wants to be “legendary” and “iconic.” With one Super Bowl win to show for 10 NFL seasons, he’s got a lot more work to do to earn either of those labels.

So get ready. It’s coming. Presumably, it’ll happen after the season. If, however, the Seahawks lose their next two games, both of which will be played in prime time against the Steelers and Saints, respectively, don’t be surprised if, before the November 2 trade deadline, Wilson’s agent says, yet again, that Russ doesn’t want to be traded, but that he’d accept a trade to the Saints.

27 responses to “The clock continues to tick toward a potential divorce between Russell Wilson, Seahawks

  1. He lied when he said that. His agent floated the teams he wanted to be traded to. We”ll see what happens this season.

  2. Wilson is great, but not that great. I don’t doubt he could win another SB with the right team, but the only way he’ll be “iconic” is if the media hypes him up. It’s hard to be “iconic” or “legendary” when you’re overshadowed by Mahomes, Jackson, Rodgers, & Brady. I’m not even sure that Wilson is the best QB in his own division anymore (Stafford), let alone “legendary.”

  3. Russ us a good little player, but he is neither “legendary” nor “iconic”. He’ll probably have to settle for “narcissistic.” What he’ll be remembered for is throwing a pick on the one yard by Malcolm Butler, right before he was about to win the Super Bowl. That and being small

  4. Follw-up: legendary players play through that finger injury. Also, I momentarily forgot that Kyler Murray is currently overshadowing Wilson, as well, and in the same division like Stafford.

  5. Over the last decade the RB position has been deemphasized by the NFL to the point that even the best ones have very little negotiating leverage. At the same time the QB position has become so much more important than any other position that the best ones have a ton of power. Consequently guys like Russ and Rogers are attempting to exploit that power. This is a problem that the NFL owners and GMs have created for themselves and I have not a shred of sympathy for them. They’re used to stomping on people with less power than them and now they’re getting a taste of their own medicine. I’m getting my popcorn ready and loving it.

  6. Clearly Wilson is not about winning but about his stats and persona which leaves Schneider to clean house (Norton Jr should be fired today and Pete at the end of the year) then trade Wilson (to the Raiders) Hire Doug Pedersen and draft a new QB.

  7. None of those teams on the list look as open as they did then. Might have to come up with a new list.

    Texans may want to get moving on their trade – can’t see any teams choosing Watson over Wilson if the price is comparable.

  8. Is that Elway I hear panting in the background?
    Elway would back up the truck for Wilson. Then steal all the trucks in Colorado and back them up as well.
    Elway is never going to draft a top10 QB and he knows it. He has to be getting desperate…

  9. Cowboys got Dak, the Raiders got Carr, the Bears used a 1st round draft choice on Justin Fields (who’s a lot younger),so that leaves the Saints. The got their last HOF quarterback for free, so maybe…..Jameis…. but you’d need 3 Winstons to equal one Wilson

  10. these qbs do it to themselves. they command so much of the salary cap that you cannot field great rosters around them. i’d say the sport would eat itself starting from the qb position, but gambling will never allow that to happen.

  11. Every Player and every team’s time to move on is inevitable, Wilson’s best days are behind him.

  12. The Seahawks just need a change. It’s mostly Pete that needs to go. His zone doesn’t work, every team exploits it with ease and he refuses to change anything. However, at this point, I wouldn’t be heartbroken one bit if the Hawks traded away Russ. His salary is too big and after seeing Geno come in last night and be able to see and use the whole field, the offense actually looked better. Russ is too short to see over the line taking away the short slants and dump off’s over the middle and he’s put on so much weight that he no longer has the game changing mobility to offset those shortcomings. He’s still good and throws a great deep ball, but he’s just not worth his salary anymore. Recoup your 2 lost first round picks from that horrific Jamal Adams trade by trading away Wilson, see what Geno has and try to find your next franchise QB in the draft. Just start the rebuild already.

  13. Every player in the NFL should tell his agent “The only thing you are allowed to say to the media is “No Comment”.

    It seems to me every time an agent opens his mouth in public he causes more problems for his client than he solves.

  14. DK should force his way out also.

    If Jalen Ramsey can’t cover the guy, nobody can.

    7 targets/game.. he should be the most targeted wideout in football.

  15. After ten years Pete and Russ still cannot consistently put together an effective, efficient two-minute drill at the end of a half. They seem to generate rhythm only when Wilson takes off and runs it himself. I’ve never seen another team have to take so many time outs at critical moments and then fail to get the necessary yards or points. If Wilson needs a “mind meld” with a coach in order to be successful, can’t we say after ten years, that isn’t going to between him and Pete?

  16. Pete Carroll is right on schedule . He took a Super Bowl team handed to him by Parcells and ran it into the ground . Yes the dynamics were much different but He isn’t a good coach . If Brady and Peyton can leave there teams after 20 n 15 years respectively. So will Wilson . He deserves better treatment

  17. The Seahawks got lucky a decade ago with a series of great draft choices that turned them into a short-term juggernaut. This seems to have convinced them that they are smarter than everyone else. The result is blowing first round draft picks on reaches like Rashaad Penny and expensive, short-term rentals like a partial season of Jadeveon Clowney for a 2nd round pick. Stupid stupid stupid. That said, Russell Wilson can’t try to take the entire salary cap for himself and then complain about the lack of blue chip free agent acquisitions.

  18. Saints would give him real opportunity to make playoffs and possibly a SB…
    Dolphins or Redskins would be interesting to see how that would play out!

  19. I’m glad the Bears drafted Justin Fields & didn’t end up paying a king’s ransom to hitch their wagon to Russ. He’s not getting any younger, and those nagging injuries are going to keep on piling up…

  20. Everyone wants to be Legendary…

    But that can has been kicked so far down the road by Tom Brady… that players should just strive to be the best player they can be and help the team they are on win.

    Any thoughts of “Legendary” for any QB right now seems well beyond any QBs grasp

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