Trey Lance will start for 49ers, George Kittle doubtful

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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Trey Lance will make his first start at quarterback for the 49ers this weekend, but it looks like he’ll be missing one key receiving target.

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan announced on Friday that Lance will start against the Cardinals on Sunday. Jimmy Garoppolo has been ruled out with the calf injury that kept him out of practice all week.

Shanahan said that Garoppolo would have started if he were healthy enough to play, but a good outing for the rookie will lead to questions about whether that will remain the case in the weeks to come.

Lance may have to turn in that outing without the help of tight end George Kittle. Kittle has been listed as doubtful with a calf injury, so the team doesn’t expect him to play but hasn’t totally ruled him out at this point.

Cornerback K'Waun Williams (calf) has been ruled out along with Garoppolo. Defensive linemen Javon Kinlaw (knee) and Samson Ebukam (hamstring) are listed as questionable.

10 responses to “Trey Lance will start for 49ers, George Kittle doubtful

  1. This may look worse than Justin Fields first NFL start. But the good news is, these young QB’s are improving after getting thrown into the fire. That’s great news for the future… and a lesson our world could learn. These first waves of crisis might seem unbearable, but we are strong enough to come together and solve our issues.

  2. Talk about a gift for Arizona. Trey Lance in his first start…no starters at RB, and George Kittle out.

    It’s gonna be a massacre on Sunday.

  3. Believe it or not this increases the 49ers odds of beating Arizona. Does anyone actually believe Jimmy G had more than a 2% chance to beat the Cardinals? Trey Area!!

  4. This could get ugly. Something like 38-17 Arizona is what I expect. Not looking like the 49ers year. They might as well start the Lance development now and hope they can build a good team around him when he’s ready in a year or two.

  5. The Cards are going to win the NFC West by default. The Rams and Seahawks have no defenses and both QB’s have a bad finger and per normal coaching including strength and conditioning the Niners are loaded with injuries per usual rendered useless.

  6. Anyone that thinks that Lance has a better chqance of beating Arizona than Garpooolo would have had is not paying attention. Plus, Lance doesn’t know the entire playbook yet, so they will have to dumb it down for him.

    ANd Lance being mobile is not an advantage against the Arizona defense. They practice against Kyler Murray, so they know how to defend against a mobile quarterback.

    Jimmy G > Lance

  7. Kyle Shanahan is extremely creative and will no doubt come up with enough plays to catch a team off guard. They can devise plays, practice all week long, come out on Sunday and work them to perfection. After teams see a couple game films, it’s going to get much harder, but everything should look great for a game or two. Once the teams learn how to take away your first option and make you improvise. we’ll begin to see what type of QB we have. But be patient. It will likely take 2-3 years before a young QB really starts to get it. I wouldn’t be quick to start making instant evaluations. Just enjoy the youth, and hope he stays healthy. The team can win with Garoppolo, so no need to rush the youngster.

  8. Kittle needs to get rid of the injury bug or move on. So done with all these overpaid always injured players. If you can’t play go away

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