Joey Bosa fined $28,917 for unsportsmanlike conduct toward officials

Los Angeles Chargers Play Las Vegas Raiders at SoFi Stadium
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Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa was unhappy with the officials on Monday night. He may be even more unhappy with the league office now.

Bosa was fined $28,917 for unsportsmanlike conduct toward the officials when he yelled at them on the field after he felt they missed a holding penalty that should have been called on the Raiders.

Bosa also fumed about the officials after the game, calling them “really pathetic,” but Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the $28,917 fine was solely for the on-field confrontation and it’s not clear if he was fined an additional amount for his postgame comments.

After not flagging the holding penalty, the officials did flag Bosa for his unsportsmanlike conduct.

21 responses to “Joey Bosa fined $28,917 for unsportsmanlike conduct toward officials

  1. He was held. ESPN didn’t replay it but the Raiders tackle pulled him as Bosa was getting by. It was clear and out in the open. Hard to believe the ref didn’t see it. Part of the game though.

  2. They could care less about your out burst. Its money making time for the NFL. More importance then what happen to Teddy. Just saying. Bill

  3. We never see officials fined or suspended for obvious bad calls, especially the game changing ones (or bad non-calls).

    Transparency on how the refs are held accountable is only fair since the players are publicly disciplined.

  4. No NFL team gets more abuse from the Referees of bad calls and non-calls like the helmet to helmet hit on Rashad Higgins by the KC Chiefs defensive back than the Cleveland Browns.
    So quit you’re whining, ‘Whiner’ Joey Bosa!

  5. Yelling at the refs is like being mean to the people that prepare your food…..Always a bad move.

  6. I always thought that if players are forced to talk to the media after games or face fines, the refs should have to as well.

  7. I am not a huge Joey Bosa fan — BUT he’s a heckuva player and he’s 100% right about the officiating in that game.
    I say the NFL officials should me made to have a press conference after every game to explain controversial calls they make during a game.
    It ridiculous that they never have to answer for the bad calls they make.

  8. Just post egregious clips to social media.. the NFL hates bad publicity and you’ll start seeing the calls come

  9. Everybody hate the refs until they have to put up with the replacement refs.
    Evidently it’s not as easy to do this job on the field as it is sitting in front of a television with slo-mo instant replay.

  10. Bad calls can erase the fact that the Browns suck and always have!! They lose perpetually because they suck!! Period stop blaming the refs RimX88👍

  11. Never in the history of the NFL has a referee changed their call ( or non-call ) due to a player yelling at them. Hope Bosa has learned his lesson.

  12. I’m pretty sure there’s at least another defensive player or two that was held and a penalty that should’ve been called was not.

  13. Bosa had 1 sack, his only tackle in the whole game… 1 play was a hold, 1 play was a blown pass block that led to his sack, please explain the rest of his night.

  14. Money well spent! I’m just grateful the NFL doesn’t fine us fans for all of our stupid comments we make on a daily basis…most of us don’t have $28K between our couch cushions like Joey Bosa.

  15. I hope more well paid NFL players start doing this. The referees are terrible and the problem is not going to get fixed if everyone ignores the problem. $$$ well spent

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