SoFi Stadium could host both conference championship games

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers
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It’s way too early to implement the solution, but a potential problem is looming.

The Rams and Chargers could both qualify to host the NFC and AFC Championship games. With the Rams and Chargers sharing SoFi Stadium, the league would need to have a plan.

Thirteen years ago, the league had a plan as both the Jets and Giants closed in on the potential No. 1 seed in their respective conferences. One game would have been played on Sunday night, and the other game would have been played on Monday night. The issue became moot when the Jets collapsed down the stretch. (The Giants lost in the divisional round to the Eagles.)

Three years ago, L.A. was closing in on the possibility of hosting both conference championships. Although the Chargers had their own stadium, the league reportedly was considering moving the AFC game to the Coliseum, which would have necessarily kicked in the Sunday-Monday option.

Now, with both teams sharing SoFi, there’s a chance that the 4-1 Rams and 3-1 Chargers could both be playing at home for the games that determine the Super Bowl participants. That would give SoFi the three biggest playoff games of the season, given that Super Bowl LVI will be played there, too.

A Sunday/Monday conference championship arrangement likely would generate bigger ratings than playing both games on Sunday, and it could spark the NFL to make a permanent change to spreading the games over two nights.

9 responses to “SoFi Stadium could host both conference championship games

  1. championship sunday is as great a day to gather as the superbowl is. dont go changing things nfl

  2. “Kroenke and NFL, something really shady going on there.”

    We didnt put this together after the Rams moved to LA & then the no-call happened?? C’mon guys

  3. Titan says:
    So could Met Life Stadium, lol

    Shinnbone says:
    What about MetLife Stadium?

    I understand your comments are intended as humor and sarcasm, but there’s still a sizeable difference between “in theory” and “when hell freezes over.”

  4. Kind of early for this talk, isn’t? I mean it’s week 5 and you want to crown the #1 seeds?

    Didn’t the Steelers start 11-0 last year before fading out? A lot of football to be played.

  5. Could is definitely true. Highly unlikely though. Two quality teams in LA but the Chargers are unlikely to be landing top seed.

  6. AFC championship will be at Paul Brown Stadium this year folks,problem solved.Geaux Joe Burrow!

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