Brian Flores “concerned” about the Dolphins defense

Miami Dolphins v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Dolphins head coach Brian Flores said this week that there would be no way for his defense to confuse Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady because Brady’s seen everything there is to see in football.

The defense went out of its way to prove Flores right on Sunday. Brady threw for 411 yards and five touchdowns while the Bucs rolled up 558 yards of offense in a 45-17 victory.

After the game, Flores said the Dolphins “weren’t able to execute any part” of their game plan and said he’s “concerned” about the state of the unit.

“We’re out of sync in a lot of ways,” Flores said, via Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post. “Run defense. Pass defense. Pass rush. We’re just a little bit, a step behind. We have to make a lot of corrections. We have things to address. We’ve addressed some things but we’re not seeing the production on Sundays.”

The 0-5 Jaguars are on deck for the Dolphins and a failure to improve their performance in that game will create some concern that Flores isn’t able to make the corrections needed in Miami this season.

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  1. And Dolphin fans are extremely concerned about the clueless head coach and general manager who have destroyed a team in its rebuilding process.
    Dolphins will not win 3 games this season.

  2. Bucs have way too many weapons to hurt you. Phins were not going to be able to slow that team down.

    But the real bad thing is that Xavian Hamilton, who is supposed to be one of the top young CBs in the game today, got torched by 33 year old Antonio Brown the whole game.

  3. MortimerInMiami says:
    October 10, 2021 at 6:16 pm
    And Dolphin fans are extremely concerned about the clueless head coach and general manager who have destroyed a team in its rebuilding process.
    Dolphins will not win 3 games this season.

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    You were warned about it, too. The media has been pumping your team 2 years in a row after Grier spent 237 million to buy his base which includes renting Lawson and thinking Ereck Flowers isn’t a bust, overpaying for Byron Jones, and then losing leverage on Howard. It was just so dumb. It doesn’t work. You need to draft a base for a few seasons and be patient.

    This doesn’t include Wonderlic 13 Tua drafted in the top 10. Nor does it include needing to cut Van Noy due to being up against the cap.

    What you’re seeing is too fast of a rebuild. They cut too many corners. The Pats outplayed you in Week 1 and you’re not as good as you think.

  4. And no Fitzmagic to save them this season!

    It’s pretty bad when your back-up QB is better than the starter!

  5. `”Concerned” that’s an understatement.
    It’s evident Grier being elevated to GM is one step to high for him to handle.
    Flores’ lucky single 10 win season seems like it was many years ago.
    Ross has again stuck unqualified people in the two most important positions in the organization.
    Will this team ever get off the hamster wheel??

  6. He should have used Belichick’s blueprint against the Bucs and not try to reinvent the wheel.

  7. Coach Flores, exactly what was it the offense did that doesn’t have you concerned? I’m concerned about the team as a whole!

    Phin Phan 🙁

  8. The problem is the offense which has caused the defense to be on the field way to long. The Miami Dolphin’s offense needs to sustain time of possession to give the defense a rest. The play calling sucks! Let’s start with the two or three offensive coordinators. They do not have offensive coordinator credentials. Moreover the offense despite some elite skill players can not produce due to the horrific player acquisition of the offensive line. The two tackles who started this season are not tackles, they’re guards due to their lack of agility and inability to block the speed rusher. Brian Flores has to do the impossible at this time, find a real NFL offensive coordinator. This Miami team will then have to rebuild the offensive line with the current draft capital!

  9. The only thing that looked better about the Dolphins today was the pass blocking from our line. Brisett had time to screw up today and he did! With that kind of time against a beat up secondary you’ve got to play better than that.

  10. They’re just a bad football team that can’t compete with the better teams in the league like the Buccaneers. Their offense did play better, but the defense has regressed to the point of embarrassment. The rebuild has been a failure. They are back to where they started when they made the decision to strip the team bare two years ago.. They will need to find a G.M. who can make better personal decisions, but owner Stephen Ross has failed miserably at his choices of who will run his franchise.

  11. Grier’s got to go. Co-offensive coordinators got to go. If Brian can’t right the ship in 2022 he’s got to go. If he loses to the Jaguars he DEFINATLY has to go. I may be re-thinking about the Deshaun Watson trade. Package Highway 94 er Christian Wilkins, Byron Jones, Preston Williams, Tua, and a first round pick in 2022 and several conditional picks based on Watson performance and any criminal repercussions.

  12. Stephen Ross is clueless when it comes to football. Dolphins fans want to run Grier and Flores out of town but at the end of the day clueless Ross will be hiring their replacements and the rebuilding and losing cycle will continue!

  13. He should be concerned about his job. He’s a defensive coach right? Where’s the defense? We have a no name coaching staff. And they aren’t getting it done. Did Flores put in all his work in the offseason and preseason to beat his former team in the opening game and that’s it? He can’t win against a winning team. He is completely inept with having any say on offense that he turned that over to not one but 3 different people. I’m sorry Flores may be a rah rah guy that can circle a locker room but I want consistent play from my team. If we played the Jets, Jags, and Lions all year we may be a .500 team. I’m sorry but that’s not getting it done. Trade for Watson, fire the coach and GM, then bring in someone who can unlock potential and not be stuck on players being versatile.

  14. He should be concerned about coaching not to lose, instead of coaching to win.

    And choosing Tua over Herbert will haunt the franchise for a decade.

  15. Wow he admitted he was concerned about something??.. where was this 3 weeks straight after a shutout home opener loss, a 14-0 blown lead and an embarrassing loss at home again to a winless team?? Now he’s worried. Lol we’ve had so many 1st and 2nd rd draft picks the last 3 years and absolutely NOTHING to show for it.. no qb, no oline, still can’t stop the run and still no rb or receivers to actually do anything. Our overpaid secondary is a biggest joke I’ve ever seen and maybe we should draft another cb this year with 1 of our 1st 2 picks. Seriously where does this team go from here? Give Houston what they want reasonably for Watson.. throw in a few players if you have to.. and build the team around an offense instead of defense. Tampa was one the worst defenses in the nfl but they just outscore you like other teams with a qb do. This is an offensive league. Our defense would be fine if we had an offense to put pressure on another team. The problem is we score then we don’t score again for 2 qtrs.. then our defense just can’t hold up. Today was the worst game they’ve played but they have been trying to carry this insulting product we’ve put on the field all year and it’s getting to be too much.. get a qb then worry about the rest as we go.. cause right now whatever plan this franchise has tried doing the last 30 years hasn’t worked.. they need to focus on 1 position and figure out the rest. Cause I’m tired of hearing of a coaches “plan”. It never works!!

  16. It’s Grier who’s the problem. He wheels and deals for this and that and it’s amounted to a bunch of mish-mash of players who obviously don’t fit together. It’s been over 10 years since the O line was decent. He just can’t seem to figure it out. Too many draft failures and a coach who thinks that having 2 offensive coordinators makes the world go round. Hope they can win 4 games this year.

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