Browns are first team in NFL history to lose despite scoring 40+ points, having no turnovers

Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Chargers
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Prior to today, 442 teams in NFL history had scored at least 40 points in a game while giving up zero turnovers. Those teams were 442-0.

Now they’re 442-1.

The Browns lost to the Chargers today despite scoring 42 points and not having a single turnover. They became the first team in NFL history to lose while scoring 40 or more points and having zero turnovers.

They lost because as well as their offense played, their defense played equally poorly, allowing the Chargers to score 47 points, gain 493 yards, pick up 27 first downs and lose just one turnover.

It was a wild, back-and-forth game that saw the Chargers come out on top, and the Browns lose with their offense playing about as well as any losing team’s offense has ever played.

17 responses to “Browns are first team in NFL history to lose despite scoring 40+ points, having no turnovers

  1. They lost because as well as their offense played, their defense played equally poorly

    Or was it the Chargers are just that explosive on offense and made the Browns D look bad?
    The Chargers are sitting all alone atop the AFC West with the Chiefs 2 games back after tonight and the Chargers holding the tie-breaker.

  2. What can Browns do for you? Score 40+ pts, have no turnovers, 230 yds rushing, and STILL lose the game.

  3. SZ Ohio says:
    October 10, 2021 at 8:59 pm
    Can’t beat the Chargers and the refs.


    Refs has nothing to do with that loss buddy. You had a home crowd on the road and still couldn’t beat them.

  4. The Chargers made one more play than the Browns. Defense didn’t seem to be a thing for either side.

  5. To have OBJ on the team and get basically nothing out of him is pathetic. What is the problem with not being able to utilize the talent that he does have? Why is he on the team?

  6. There was no defense for either team in the fourth quarter. Despite the refs, the penalties and the 1,000-plus yards racked up up by both teams – in the final minutes of a shootout when it matters most – on offense – the Chargers had more balance – while the Browns – you’d think – despite having no timeouts and 1:31 left to play – would be more aggressive on their final drive. It’s the kind of challenge the best quarterbacks dream about.

    But the play calling was weird, squandering about a minute of that time just to get 12 yards before reaching their own 46 and suddenly heaving the ball twice downfield – instead of working the field like a two-minute drill in practice.

    The Chargers probably have the fewest fans in the league – hence every game game for them is a road game. Herbert still had to cover his helmet to hear the plays radio’d in because of all of the loud Browns fans in the stands. But I thought rest of the the crowd that was actually rooting for the Chargers – was the loudest since they left San Diego.

    This was the type of draining game that was going to be a heartbreaker for whoever lost. But again, it wasn’t like the Browns’ final drive was from their own 25 with 10 seconds left. They had 1:31 left, an eternity in the NFL. The chunk yardage they got all game – suddenly vanished because of conservative play calls. It was as if the Browns’ didn’t trust Baker Mayfield to pass the team to a win – even though he passed well all day. As far as Herbert, he’s just incredible, ducking away from coverage and using his feet and throwing accurately on the run, finding people wide open after the pocket collapsed. Fun to watch team.

  7. The one negative about the Browns being really good now is the “we want them to fail just because the media talks about how good they are” people have set their sites on them. If it’s possible to look strong in a loss, both teams did it. You would think with some of those reactions that this was the Packers/Bengals game where both teams where trying to see who can look worse in a win. Anyone complaining about the Browns offense in a game where “last team with the ball wins a high scoring shootout” apparently just has an ax to grind especially since for the record Bakers QBR in the game (122.5) was .5 higher than Justin Herberts in that game (122).

    As for OBJ it’s very simple. He is not more talented even in his prime than Chubb and Hunt are right now. Other than the fumble during the Chiefs game no team has figured out how to keep those guys from going off. The “why are they not forcing plays to OBJ when they don’t have to” people obviously thought Freddie Kitchens was an offensive genius.

  8. Take away the run game, the play action, the screens, and the rollouts and make Baker play just from the pocket and he is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!

    Browns can’t win shootouts like this against teams with legit QBs because the Browns don’t have one. Face it. It’s a QB league. The Browns are good in spite of Baker Mayfield, not because of him.

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