Cardinals remain undefeated with 17-10 win over 49ers

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals
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The Cardinals’ run as the last undefeated team in 2021 will continue into Week Six.

Kyler Murray threw a late touchdown pass to DeAndre Hopkins to break an offensive slump and the defense came up with four fourth-down stops as the Cardinals improved to 5-0 with a 17-10 victory over the 49ers.

The Cardinals picked up just 43 yards on their first four possessions of the second half and Murray appeared to be having some issues with his right arm in the fourth quarter, but remained in the game and found Hopkins for a 30-yard gain just after Deebo Samuel‘s rushing touchdown cut Arizona’s lead to 10-7. Murray went right back to Hopkins on the next play for the touchdown.

The 49ers drove for a field goal, but Murray found Hopkins for a first down and James Conner ran for another one that allowed Arizona to kneel down and run out the clock.

Murray was 22-of-31 for 239 yards and had a key 10-yard run on the Hopkins touchdown drive. Hopkins had six catches for 87 yards on a day when he became the NFL’s all-time leader in catches before turning 30.

Trey Lance ran 16 times for 89 yards in his first start for the 49ers, but the rookie quarterback was stuffed short of the line on two fourth downs and never found a groove through the air. He was better in the second half on that front, but the final like of 15-of-29 for 192 yards and an interception is short of where the 49ers need to be on offense.

It’s a bye week for the 49ers and Jimmy Garoppolo could be back from his calf injury for Week Seven, so it may be a while before we know if Lance will be headed back to the bench. The Cardinals will go to Cleveland as they try to improve their record to 6-0.

22 responses to “Cardinals remain undefeated with 17-10 win over 49ers

  1. This kid is too raw to start in this League. I doubt Arizona actually game planned the same way they would an actual contender and instead opted for a conservative approach.

    To all the Faithful clamoring for “Trey Area” here you go, you delusional schmucks.

    Long season ahead – the defense whiles serviceable isn’t the stout wall it was in 2019. Too many holes in out secondary and questions behind center to contend.

    Go Niners

  2. Fun game, great defensive display from both teams.

    JJ Watt is priceless. Trey put his body on for team. Kid got heart.

    Cards are real deal. Defense bailed out offense that had stalled in second half.

  3. Shinnbone – SELLING for sure!
    remember last year Steelers going 11-0 and then fizzling out?
    I see the Cards doing the same except the 11-0… they won’t last that long!

  4. Im not sold on the Cardinals right now. I see them being in a classic “peaking too soon” type of situation. But we will see. Still early.

  5. GREAT WIN, the defense was fantastic! Clutch 4th down plays at the goalline and midfield. Jimmy G would be a much harder test protecting the football. An elite 49er defense was keeping the Cards offense at Bay, but the Cards made the key plays on offense to wrap the game away. LET’S MAKE IT 5 STRAIGHT AGAINST THE BROWNS, GO CARDINALS, 6-0 BABY WOOOOOOO! MVP! MVP! MVP! MVP! MVP!!!!

  6. The 49ers I think are a click down or a half a click down from the last few years. They definitely have a few holes that need long term solutions starting to possibly show up. In that division, and with NO first rounders to get top shelf talent that’s aren’t RFA, or FA and at a known price I think their arc points down. Combine that with that division and I think they made a serious mistake paying all that draft capital for anyone. They will need to fix things at a high level each year and the cheapest way to do that is with first and second rounders where the talents are more known quantities. I could be wrong, but the odds I think say I’m not. IMO

  7. Nope,nope,nope! Should have kept draft picks and drafted davis mills who is more of a Shanahan type qb.

  8. Cardinals are real. They can win on either side of the ball. I hope the winless gets broken soon though, I don’t think any team wants to carry that albatross around their necks week in and out. AZ will definitely be in the playoffs and they’ll be a team no one wants to see. AZ was without several starters tonight who will all be back except probably Williams. AZ is going to be a very good team this year. Too early to talk about SB but playoffs not so much, they’ll be there.

  9. It’s a good Football team, The Cardinals…

    They have proven so far this season they can win in alot of different ways..

    They have already shown so far that they can beat teams with the pass… they have shown they can beat teams with the run… They have show. They can beat teams on Special teams..

    They can win shootouts… They can win with defense… they have shown that MULTIPLE players on offense and defense can make plays…

    They have shown they can win on the Road and at Home.

    They have shown ALL of that in 5 weeks.. All of it.

    Is anybody here saying they are going to ho 17-0 ?? No of course not… Win a Superbowl ?? Nobody is saying that either…

    But they are a good Football team right now. Nobody can debate that.

    It’s a long season… we get it… but this team hasn’t won miracle games all season with magic fairy dust… they’ve played good football.

  10. For everyone saying the cards are not the real deal, and that they are “peaking too soon” need to ask themselves what they’d expect the cardinals to do instead of what they’ve already done? They whooped Tennessee, in Tennessee, then got lucky against the Vikings because a kicker missed a short FG (surprising no one), then went across the country and beat the jaguars at 10 AM – now many don’t consider this win anything special, but if you knew the cardinals’ history, you’d know they don’t do well on the road at 10 AM – and beat them with a defensive TD, then went 2-0 in the toughest division in the NFC and maybe in the NFL. Should they have lost just so they don’t peak too soon? That argument makes no sense. The Cardinals have done well so far, and they know it’s a long season after falling short last year. Just keep that same energy, and you’ll see them in the playoffs. I’ll be in row 15 on the 45 yard line.

  11. Pretty obvious cardinals fans. Jimmy G plays he throws for 400 again and you lose BAD considering how good SF D played

  12. Trey needs work in practice. He is undecided on run? Pass? Not doing progressions and being patient. Lots for this young man to learn. Either give him the ball now and put the onus on his shoulder as in the ball is now in your court show us you were worth the picks we gave up.

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