Fritz Pollard Alliance seeks a “remedy commensurate” with Jon Gruden’s “painful words”

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The NFL and the Raiders have not yet issued any type of discipline against Jon Gruden for the email sent to former Washington executive Bruce Allen in 2011 containing racist language in relation to NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith. The Fritz Pollard Alliance, through executive director Rod Graves, hopes that a fair and appropriate punishment will be imposed.

“The insensitive remarks made by Jon Gruden about DeMaurice Smith are indicative of the racism that exists on many levels of professional sports,” Graves said in a statement issued Sunday morning. “Furthermore, it reveals that the journey for African Americans and other minorities in sports, is riddled with irrepressible mindsets at the highest level. It is our hope that the League and team ownership will address this matter with a remedy commensurate with these painful words. This is yet another inflection point in a society fraught with cynical social blinders, absent of respect for the intellectual capacity and leadership of minorities. When will it end?”

In addition to the email leaked last week from the Washington Football Team investigation, other materials have been located by the league and sent to the Raiders. The contents aren’t clear; we did some reporting on Saturday regarding the issue.

We also looked at the league’s and the team’s options for dealing with Gruden. The final decision may hinge on those other materials. Beyond that, Gruden’s effectiveness moving forward will hinge on the manner in which his players and staff react to him based both as to the email and as to the manner in which he handles it.

20 responses to “Fritz Pollard Alliance seeks a “remedy commensurate” with Jon Gruden’s “painful words”

  1. Racism is endemic in our country — it is deeply embedded in its DNA. In the end, what someone said 20 years ago is far less important that what they do and have done in their daily lives since then.

  2. “…a fair and appropriate punishment will be imposed.” There’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one!

  3. Tim Brown said he had heard Gruden use the term rubber lips like Gruden has said he did. Much ado about nothing. Racism still exists, but some people still want to get carried away and see it in everything.

  4. I always love the “Gruden only won with Tony Dungy’s players” comments.

    All this despite the fact that Tony Dungy couldn’t win with Tony Dungy’s players. That’s why he was fired.

    Also, if you’re going to use this argument, you must also take into consideration the fact Bill Callahan made it to the same Super Bowl with “Jon Gruden’s players.”

  5. HurtsToReadComments says:
    October 10, 2021 at 9:23 am
    Gruden never wins without Dungy’s players
    Dungy had taken the Bucs to a 2-4 playoff record and 0 SB appearances.

  6. Gruden was an employee of ESPN/DISNEY when the email was sent. ESPN should be punished since Gruden sent the email. Where is the accountability on the ESPN/DISNEY side of the equation.

  7. Tony Dungy had one of the greatest QBs of his era and of all time and still managed just 1 SB. Good coach but felt overrated to me.

  8. People looking to be offended will always find something to be offended about! That’s how they seek remain victims and how they make money!

  9. The Fritz Pollard Alliance wants to push Gruden out and have one of their favorites replace him

  10. The Raiders organization won’t do a thing to him. I think the League will fine him some how but that will be it and a small enough #$ that with his contract he won’t miss it. Only people that are in a position to make any real punishment is his players and the prospect that some FAs,RFAs might say I don’t want to play for you in the future. Again that’s it though. I believe we will hear and see a lot of huffing and puffing. But no real punishment or censure will occur. IMO

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