NFL is expected to discuss Jon Gruden situation on Monday

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News of the 2011 email written by Raiders coach Jon Gruden emerged late Friday afternoon. On Monday morning, the NFL is expected to discuss the situation.

Per a league source, Gruden’s email containing a racial trope regarding NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith is expected to be a major topic at Monday’s weekly meeting at 345 Park Avenue.

At least one high-level member of league management believes Gruden will not be suspended by the NFL. Although the league issued a strongly-worded statement on Friday, the email was sent by Gruden at a time when he was not employed by the NFL or any of its teams.

It’s unknown whether the Raiders will take action against Gruden. Again, however, the email was sent more than six years before he was re-hired by the team in early 2018.

13 responses to “NFL is expected to discuss Jon Gruden situation on Monday

  1. The real question should be who is leaking emails to the Wall Street Journal?

  2. What’s there to discuss? He apologized. Time to move on. No one wants to drag this along any more

  3. They yelled in their statement to the Press. Now they will do nothing in a boardroom. The denial is all they cared about. If the purely surreal happened and Goodel had to hand the SB trophy to Davis with Gruden 1 foot away Goodel wouldnt say a word. This is something IMO that group of men do not care about

  4. Nothing to discuss. Comment was over 10 years ago while not employed by the NFL. Embarrassing… maybe… punishable, no. Griden will apologize, and the next scandal will surface.

  5. This is a lot of smoke, but no fire. Gruden’s been around a long time, and all the high profile black guys associated with the NFL are putting all their support behind Gruden. Guys that have known him and worked with him for numbers of years have stepped forward saying there’s nothing to this stuff.

  6. It will be unacceptable if there are no repercussions,no matter how long ago Gruden did this. I don’t see how anyone looks the other way on this one. What he said is really awful. How can he face his players? How do they respect him now?

  7. It was a decade ago and he wasn’t employed by the Raiders at the time. If his players can forgive him it’s nobody else’s business at this point. And it’d be a very troublesome precedent to set: Would they start investigations on everybody in the entire NFL looking back decades? And what transgressions would rise to the level of punishment?

  8. His team really played hard for him today. They put up 9 points against the Bears. That has to tell you something, doesn’t it?

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