Steelers snap losing streak, beat Broncos 27-19

Denver Broncos v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Steelers gave up a good portion of an 18-point lead in the fourth quarter, but they were able to hold off the Broncos at the end of the game.

Cornerback James Pierre picked off Teddy Bridgewater in the end zone with 11 seconds left in the fourth quarter and the Steelers held on for a 27-19 win. The victory ends a three-game losing streak for Pittsburgh and leaves them at 2-3 with the Seahawks coming to town next Sunday night.

Ben Roethlisberger was 15-of-23 for 253 yards and opened the game with a 50-yard touchdown to Diontae Johnson. He hit Chase Claypool for another score in the third quarter to stretch the lead to 24-6 and hooked up with both wideouts for key gains on the way to a fourth quarter field goal that moved the lead back to eight points after a pair of Broncos touchdowns.

Najee Harris had his best game as a pro with 23 carries for 122 yards and a touchdown. He also had 20 receiving yards, but was not on the field for that field goal drive because of cramping.

The Claypool touchdown came after Broncos defensive lineman Dre'Mont Jones was called for a leverage foul on a Chris Boswell field goal attempt. Boswell made the kick, but the Steelers took the penalty and that exchange wound up costing the Broncos once they rallied in the fourth quarter.

Bridgewater fueled that rally with a pair of touchdown passes and completed six passes to move the Broncos inside the Pittsburgh 10-yard-line before Pierre’s interception saved the day for the Steelers. In addition to the penalty, the Broncos will likely look back with regret at their inability to find the end zone in the first half. They got the ball on the 29 after a Roethlisberger fumble and drove inside the red zone later in the half, but had to settle for field goals both times.

Sunday’s loss is the second in a row for the Broncos after a 3-0 start to the season. They’ll hope to avoid extending the streak when the Raiders pay them a visit next Sunday.

17 responses to “Steelers snap losing streak, beat Broncos 27-19

  1. I can’t say anything bad. That’s the way. Long sustaining drives, no turnovers, and keep the defence fresh to close out games. Big Ben as a game manager is what he is now. Nothing more needs to be done.

  2. Like the Bills, the Broncos have been beating bad teams. They are 0-2 against good teams.

  3. “ Cornerback Cam Sutton picked off James Pierre in the end zone with 11 seconds left in the fourth quarter”

    Maybe proof read before you post? I believe Cam Sutton there as put today and Pierre picked off Brigdewater at the end of the game….smh

  4. Some Bronco troll said Denver only had to score 20 points to easily bear the pitiful Steelers….. beat to keep your predictions between you and your commode…where they belong.

  5. Friendly fact check: “Cornerback *James Pierre* picked off *Teddy Bridgewater* in the end zone with 11 seconds left”

  6. Good game for Ben and the offense. Run the ball. Make timely throws. Two big throws for Ben on that last FG drive with Najee out. The defense though only played 3 good quarters. This team competing week in and week out is predicated on the defense being great. They get credit for finally closing it out, but it should never have been that close.

  7. Steelers’ fans running all around with their chests puffed out because they barely beat a team that got taken apart in its own stadium last week. Keep that confidence going. It will be so much sweeter when the implosion is complete.

  8. I’m the “troll” who said Denver needed 20 pts to win today. If you did the math, you would realize that the Steelers offense has only scored 60 pts thru 4 gms, so 20 from Denver looked to be enough. And I am a Steelers fan, BTW.

  9. Good win Steelers. There will be some more wins along the way as there will be a few losses. But if this teaches you one thing…never count the Steelers out.

  10. spartan01 says:
    October 10, 2021 at 5:33 pm
    What will grumpy man Fangio cry about this week? Good win Steelers. Signed, a Ravens fan


    Fangio’s grumpy? Yet here you are still crying about a comment a week later. And cheering for the Steelers over it. Yikes, Ravens have some weak fans!

  11. Steelers fans: Broncos only beat bad teams and they celebrate, Broncos suck.

    Also Steelers fans: We beat the Broncos! Look out Super Bowl here we come!

  12. The biggest thing to take out of that game is that the O line was able to open some holes and offer some protection for Pittsburgh. They are young, but it is a good sign. Get Banner back on the O line and if the defense can gel they will be competitive in most of their games. The games that they fall behind in will be tough because they don’t have a “score quick” offense with a new Matt Canada system and an older quarterback that needs help around him. Also they do have the leagues toughest schedule. If the O line can continue getting better, they should be able to expand the playbook and give defense’s a number of different looks.

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