Urban Meyer situation is far from over

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Later today, the Jaguars will try to avoid losing their twentieth straight game. The question of whether they’ll be moving on from their seventh head coach won’t be determined today.

Although things have calmed down considerably over the past couple of days (thanks in large part to the Jon Gruden situation), Urban Meyer’s future remains unresolved. From the various conversations we’ve had and information we’ve gathered, it’s clear that the situation is far from over.

It doesn’t mean Meyer definitely will be gone. However, it also doesn’t mean he definitely will stay. The outcome hinges on a couple of key factors.

First, the Jaguars continue to explore Meyer’s failure to return to Jacksonville after the loss to the Bengals in Cincinnati. Last Monday, he said certain things when questioned about the situation. If those things, based on further investigation, end up being untrue in a sufficiently material way, Meyer could be fired — as soon as this week, but it would more likely happen after next Sunday’s game in London against the Dolphins.

Second, Meyer could still do something else that will make even more obvious that he needs to go. He’s had several missteps during his first foray into the NFL, from the misguided hiring of Chris Doyle to six-figure fines imposed on him and the team for offseason practices that broke the rules to blurting out that vaccination status was a factor in roster decisions to the arguably unforgivable sin of abandoning his post and not returning to Jacksonville with the team after a Week Four loss in Cincinnati.

As one source with knowledge of the situation explained it to PFT, the players and staff did not know that Meyer wasn’t returning to Jacksonville until he wasn’t on the flight. When asked this week whether owner Shad Khan approved of the in-season head-clearing, get-out-of-Dodge break, and Meyer said only that he had informed G.M. Trent Baalke of it “way in advance.” As if Baalke was going to say, “Urb, that’s not a good idea.”

The problem continues to be that Meyer continues to approach his current job the same way he approached his prior jobs. He was the Emperor of Gainesville before becoming the Emperor of Columbus. He’s learning the hard way that he’s definitely not the Emperor of Jacksonville. Indeed, he’s looking more like the Dunce of Duvall.

The real question is whether he’s truly learning anything. He may have decided from the moment he took the job that he’d do things his way. Unfortunately, continuing to do things his way could result sooner than later in a one-way ticket out of Jacksonville.

10 responses to “Urban Meyer situation is far from over

  1. He’s trying to get fired so he can just get out to be out or so he can get a college job. He’s in WAY over his head and he knows that. The day he was hired by Jax, many, including me, believed it was a monumentally horrible hire, and we turned out to be correct. I would not hire him to pick up after my dog. He hasn’t got a moral or conscientious bone in his body. Good riddance to a horrible human being.

  2. while i agree with the article and have no skin in this game, this ‘get urban meyer fired’ crusade feels awfully personal to you

  3. Have a sit down withKhan, agree to a settlement and resign. Go back to the college ranks.

  4. His players have 0% belief in him and are laughing at him. How could you even want to stay there after losing all credibility with your audience.
    As well, being the owner, how can you have a guy in charge of your team who inspires Zero confidence with the players your paying a kings ransom each year to go out and lose every game?
    There’s a balance sheet, yeah which presumably is fine but then there’s the perennial culture of failure that dogs this franchise. Meyer embodies the latter when it comes to coaching pro football

  5. I don’t personally feel that Meyer has to be fired for his indiscretions in Columbus. Much has been made of “head coaches always travel home with the team”, but I feel it’s far too easy for everyone else in the world to expect Meyer to spend every waking second working. Who’s to say that’s what he would’ve done if he’d gone back to Jacksonville?

    Not defending him – he’s dug his own hole and he has to deal with it.

    Also, I’m almost always on the side of the players, but these guys are pros, and they should be doing their jobs regardless of how they feel about the HC.

  6. It’s not like Urb was the classiest or most ethical college coaches either. He was skeezy in Florida and at OSU… probably even at Utah . The guy has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way with his conduct and his hubris. I’m not a fan of the guy at all. No way he lasts the whole year with the criticism. He’ll quit or get fired.

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