Vikings avoid disaster, beat Lions on last-second field goal

NFL: OCT 10 Lions at Vikings
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In a game that didn’t make either team look particularly good, the Vikings found a way to win after nearly blowing a seemingly insurmountable lead.

Dalvin Cook was out for the Vikings, but backup running back Alexander Mattison topped 100 yards, including a big play on a 48-yard scamper, and also caught all seven of the passes thrown to him and scored a receiving touchdown. Unfortunately, Mattison also lost a huge fumble with 1:51 remaining in the fourth quarter and the Vikings clinging to a 16-9 lead.

After that the Lions scored a touchdown and made the two-point conversion, giving Detroit a 17-16 lead with less than a minute to play.

But the Vikings managed to get into field goal range, and a 54-yarder from Greg Joseph was good as time expired. The Vikings won, 19-17.

Justin Jefferson had another big game, topping 100 yards. The Vikings have one of the best young receivers in football in Jefferson.

Lions quarterback Jared Goff played an ugly game, losing a fumble, throwing an interception and rarely moving the Lions’ offense down the field. He did rally in the end, though, and threw the two-point conversion that could have won the game.

The Vikings needed this win if they’re going to have any playoff hopes. They’re now 2-3 and certainly in the mix in the NFC race. The Lions drop to 0-5 and are in the mix for the first pick in the draft.

34 responses to “Vikings avoid disaster, beat Lions on last-second field goal

  1. The Vikings didn’t beat the Lions, the officials did. Right @LiberalsRuinEverything?

  2. There’s good luck, bad luck, and Lions luck, which is a lot like bad luck but it waits until the very last second to make an appearance.

  3. Another last second loss on a fg for the Lions. At least this one didn’t break the NFL record for longest kick…

  4. The Vikings deserved to lose that game. There’s no way this coaching staff should still be employed after that performance. Just pitiful.

  5. Zimmers tenure was a one more missed fg away from being over. Losing fumbles in HUGE situations going back to AP days is a huge problem with this franchise! Cough cough AP against saints to go to the SB. Squeaking by the lions is no testament, figure out how to use this amazing offense to its full potential, not half.

  6. This is hard to watch. Zimmer needs to go. I have been a big supporter of his but it’s time. He consistently plays “not to lose” rather than playing to win the game. Even the announcer said it was the Vikings play calling that kept the lions in the game. The lions secondary is banged up and struggling, so what do we do? We run the ball over and over again with. I success. I should be used to the frustration by now, but it never gets easier. I’ve never felt so horrible about a win. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but Zimmers clock management under two minutes has to be the worst in the league.

  7. I almost left that game with 3 minutes to go – sheesh. Game wouldn’t have been close without that ridiculously conservative offensive play calling.

  8. Time for Zimmer to go. The conservative play calling once you get even a small lead is absurd. YOU DO NOT HAVE A TOP 5 DEFENSE stop calling plays on offense like you do.

  9. These were two evenly matched teams. I didn’t see anything that would make me say one was better than the other.

  10. the offense needs to be going through cousins. Zimmer still wants to run the ball as much as he can. I get you need to milk the clock, but not when all you are doing is giving the opponent chance after chance to come back on you. definitely need a better coach. it’s like he wants to waste cousins best year their now that they climbed up to average pass blocking ability.

  11. I respect Dan Campbell for going for two to try and win the game rather than taking the safer kick to tie the game. It didn’t pay off, but it was bold, and it’s a reason why the Lions are playing hard even if they’re awful.

  12. Tell Zimmer to stop coaching as if he’s in the 60’s (1960’s)…………………………

  13. Zimmer and these refs make it too easy not to watch. Hes wasted so much talented teams by his GOD AWFUL play calling. I was hoping theyd lose so he was canned tomorrow. Cannot stand the guy running a team, maybe the defense but not the whole team. Enough is enough with this joker Rick..

  14. What a terrible display of football both teams stink and arent going anywhere. Fire everybody and start over again.

  15. I think I speak for all Lions fans when I say we are completely desensitized to this, our last “winning” season in 2017 feels like it was two decades ago, and our next one may or may not happen under this coaching regime

  16. Just win baby! Defense is improving rapidly. Kubiaks fifth game as a play caller. Pieces are in place. Super Bowl homeboy!

  17. Vikings aren’t any good. Vikings fans calling for Zimmer’s head are worse. This teams’ window as 2017-2019. What you are experiencing right now is a cobbled together defense full of old vets on 1 year contracts who only had 3 pre season games to play together. We have drafted 5 corners in the first round under Zimmer and Rick. FIVE. None of them are on the team. We lost our safety we were developing. We lost our LB we were developing. The best kicker we drafted in the modern era is playing for the Raiders and Rick can’t draft an offensive lineman to save his life. How good do you realistically think this team is? This is a cobbled together team. It will be a cobbled together season.

    And fire Zimmer mid-season? Who is going to replace him? No one on his staff currently is remotely HC material.

    This team is the “b” version of Tampa Bay; same amount of mercs, but none of the talent. Expect a b-version record.

  18. Whew – a real nail biter between two heavy weight contenders!

    This world class win over the vaunted Lions saved Zimmer’s job.

  19. cheeseisfattening says:
    October 10, 2021 at 7:12 pm
    Good game lions fans. Much respect to a great fan base and great people.

    I hope the Lions Fans don’t stop too suddenly.

  20. My Vikings are still an embarrassment to the NFL. 19-17 win at home against the lions. COME ON MAN!

  21. Did anyone notice that Anthony Barr finally graced us with his presence? Did he do anything to warrant his height pay?? I say NO!! All these guys that are always hurt Barr, Cook, get rid of them!! Who keeps foolishly paying big money for non-performers?? So I guess you can put coach Zom on the list too!

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