After ugly Sunday, NFL extra point success rate plunges to 92.4 percent, lowest since 1979

NFL: OCT 10 Saints at Washington Football Team
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NFL kickers had a rough day on Sunday, with 12 missed extra points. And the league is now trending toward its worst season for extra point accuracy in four decades.

League-wide, extra points have been good just 92.4 percent of the time this season. That’s the lowest success rate since the 1979 season, when kickers made 91.3 percent of their extra point attempts.

Kickers steadily improved after that, getting so good at extra points that more than 99 percent of kicks were successful in every season from 2010 to 2014. That’s why, in 2015, the NFL decided to make extra points more difficult, moving them 13 yards back. Since then, the success rate has hovered between 93 percent and 95 percent.

Until Sunday, when that ugly day for kickers dropped the success rate below 93 percent on the season. Perhaps yesterday will prove to be nothing more than a blip. But for now, the extra point is less of a gimme than it’s been since the days when straight-ahead kickers wore single-bar facemasks.

5 responses to “After ugly Sunday, NFL extra point success rate plunges to 92.4 percent, lowest since 1979

  1. I’ve always thought moving the extra point back was the dumbest rule in the world.

  2. This is like the ONE change theyve made that hasnt been completely stupid and counterintuitive

  3. In the days of straight-ahead kickers and single bar facemasks extra points kicks were just 10 yards. Basically all the kicker had to do was get it off avoiding the block. No “position” has evolved more than kicker spurred by ever more challenging rules designed to reduce the importance of field goals and incentivize the 2-point conversion. The 2-point conversion used to be 1-point!

  4. I like making the extra-point attempt more of an attempt and less of a done deal. It can be a real gut punch when your team misses one; however, now you have to pay attention to that play. This year I’m seeing more teams try for two, even when one point would tie the game. That’s fun and exciting. I love it when a team goes for a win instead of a tie.

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