As Dolphins and Colts struggle, Eagles could have three Top 10 picks in 2022 NFL draft

NFL: OCT 10 Eagles at Panthers
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The Eagles had an impressive come-from-behind win over the Panthers on Sunday, improving to 2-3 and proving that their season is far from over. But if the Eagles struggle the rest of the way, they already have a great consolation prize: They’re poised to own the top of the 2022 NFL draft.

Thanks to wise trades that prioritized building for the future — and a little luck with their trading partners being worse than expected — the Eagles may even have three Top 10 picks.

The Eagles’ own first-round pick would, based on current standings, be No. 10 overall. But that would actually be their third pick in 2022.

The Eagles also own the Dolphins’ first-round pick, thanks to Miami’s highly questionable decision to trade up to the sixth overall pick, which they used on wide receiver Jaylen Waddle, in last year’s draft. Based on current standings, the 1-4 Dolphins would own the third overall pick.

And the Eagles might end up with the Colts’ first-round pick as well. The trade of Carson Wentz to Philadelphia stipulates that the Eagles’ get the Colts’ first-round pick if Wentz plays at least 75 percent of the Colts’ offensive snaps, or 70 percent if the Colts make the playoffs. Wentz has played 98 percent of the Colts’ offensive snaps so far this season. The Colts are 1-3 heading into tonight’s game against the Ravens and would own the seventh overall pick based on current standings.

Whether it all plays out that way over the rest of the season remains to be seen, but the Eagles are clearly going to be very well positioned to add significant talent to their roster in 2022.

15 responses to “As Dolphins and Colts struggle, Eagles could have three Top 10 picks in 2022 NFL draft

  1. Howie may be good at accumulating picks but he cannot continue to be the one making them if the Eagles truly want to get better.

  2. QB, WR then O-lineman at 10. It would certainly make their team a lot better. If Hurts gets it together, then they can get another haul from the top pick.

  3. I don’t know why Miami traded their pick before the draft – – should of waited and they could of traded up for D. Smith like Philly did or take Michah Parsons and give up a 3 not a 1

  4. So after the colts get embarrassed tonight and Sam Ehlinger gets healthy, there’s not reason to keep Wentz on the field and lose a top 5 draft pick in the process. Wentz to IR for whatever reason they can drum up. Roll with the two young guys at QB.

  5. If the Colts are still in position to get a top 10 pick towards the end of the season they’d be crazy to not sit Wentz

  6. Tank with Tua will pay big dividends for the Eagles.
    Dolphins will not win more than 3 games, they gave up 2 #1 picks for a slot receiver.
    GM Grier has done it again!

  7. And the Jets could have two of the top 10, meaning the Eagles and Jets have half of the first ten picks.

  8. Eagles 3 picks in first round

    1. Colts – If they continue to lose, they will sit Wentz (Eagles will get mid-late round first or early second)
    2. Miami – They don’t look very good at this point…this might be a high 1st rounder (top 10)
    3. Eagles don’t look very good, either…probably top 10 pick

    -Eagles fan

  9. Yeah that was a wasted pick by the Fins. If they would’ve just stood up pay instead of moving back up. Tons of wastes picks with this regime. Curious as to why there isn’t talk about the warming seats of Miami’s GM and coach? Is it because they are the only minority GM/HC combo in the whole league? Sorry but skin color shouldn’t protect you from the same scrutiny others recieve.

  10. Philly might as well have Miami’s pick because Chris Grier who is now showing he’s F-in terrible at evaluating players and picking the right guys would have screwed it up anyway. The Dolphins are no better and might be even worse after Tank for Tua thanks to GM Grier picking all the wrong guys. Taking Tua and not Herbert just shows how clueless he really is about drafting players.

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