Bill Belichick: Mac Jones’ leadership, resilience have been impressive

NFL: OCT 10 Patriots at Texans
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Patriots quarterback Mac Jones threw an interception early in the third quarter of Sunday’s game in Houston and the Texans scored a touchdown that stretched their lead to 13 points.

It would be the final points that the Texans scored all day, but Jones and the Patriots were able to score on their final four possessions and eke out a 25-22 road win. Jones ended the day 23-of-30 for 231 yards and a touchdown to go with that interception and the performance earned him praise from head coach Bill Belichick in his postgame press conference.

“Mac gave it to us all day,” Belichick said. “I thought we moved the ball. I thought he made a lot of good decisions. There were some checks that he had to make that he made throughout the day, but really the last drive was a third down conversion to Hunter [Henry] and then we had a couple good runs in there. But yeah, Mac’s been good for us all year in terms of his leadership, his resilience, and kind of always counting on him to do the right thing, and you know, he really does it at a high level, so it’s been impressive.”

Jones said after the game that he doesn’t know if the Patriots “outplayed” the Texans, but that he was sure they “outcompeted” their opponents. That allowed them to come back for a win and gives them a chance to get back to .500 against the Cowboys in Week Six.

12 responses to “Bill Belichick: Mac Jones’ leadership, resilience have been impressive

  1. The INT was a timing/accuracy thing and that one was on him, and a couple of less than advised throws as well, but overall, his comp% and other attributes so far have been very goood.

  2. Rex Ryan is on tv right now making fun of and calling Mac Jones a popgun qb. Once again, Rex proves he’s an idiot when it comes to developing quarterbacks. Somebody should remind this buffoon that Mr. Brady was probably considered a popgun qb his first 3 years too. (and also a “system qb” until he started playing for the Bucs).

  3. It is super impressive how he had to come back against the worst team in the league. It is even more impressive how the supposed amazing defense made the worst QB in the league put up MVP numbers.

  4. Not only a win but they got to 25 points again. Was it pretty? Heck no. But a W is good. 2-3 is much different than 1-4.

  5. It’s funny how Pats fans thing GOATS are simply a product of coaching.
    Be happy Brady happened in NE, and cherish those days, because sooner or later you will realize that they are gone..

  6. As Parcells said, you are what your record says you are. The Patriots are 2-3, winning two on the road and losing three at home. Not what Patriots fans are use to experiencing but that’s the reality. Of course, the Chiefs and Steelers are also 2-3 so they are not the only team struggling.

    The Bills are playing great and despite being early in the season look like the prohibitive favorites to end the season with the #1 seed. Allen, who was a hot mess his first season, could be the MVP. Herbert is showing us what a young QB with talent and a quick learning curve can do for a team.. For all those slamming Mac Jones you are kidding yourselves. He will follow in their footsteps.

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