Chiefs’ defense allowing 7.1 yards per play, worst in NFL history

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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When you have Patrick Mahomes and you still have a losing record, your defense must be playing poorly. And the Chiefs’ defense is playing as poorly as any team ever has.

Kansas City is allowing a stunning 7.1 yards per play this season. That’s not just the worst average this year, it’s the worst average in NFL history.

The previous all-time low belongs to the 2015 Saints, whose defense allowed 6.6 yards per play. So the Chiefs aren’t just on pace for the worst mark ever, they’re eclipsing that pace by half a yard per play.

The good news for the Chiefs is, defense tends to be inconsistent from week to week, and a defense that’s on an all-time awful pace at the start of the season doesn’t necessarily turn out to be the worst defense in the league.

Still, those 2015 Saints should be a cautionary tale. They went 7-9 despite Drew Brees throwing for an NFL-high 4,870 passing yards. Even a future Hall of Fame quarterback can’t do it all himself.

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  1. Just proves how good Mahomes is. Chiefs nation honestly thought all week long that they would beat the Bills who have the #1 Defense while having the #32 defense would happen.

    They mentioned all night that the Chiefs Offense was tied for 2nd in scoring, the Bills are that team they WERE tied with.

  2. For a team who has recently won a championship and has had consistent coaching they’re simply crazy-bad. NFL teams should not allow multiple plays a game where receivers wind up 10 yards behind the defense.

  3. Surprising that they are worse than the 2020 Cowboy’s Defense.
    But then they employ a couple of those former Cowboy players.

  4. Love my Chiefs and super thankful for the SB but this defense is no worse than previous years. Except for the stats that prove otherwise…. Wow! 7.1 yards, that’s crazy. Hitchens is the worst ILB in the league, yet he’s like the 5th highest paid. Mathieu is not a top 20 safety but is paid like he’s top 5. Clark is the 4th highest paid DE but he’s not top 30. Those 3 contracts have got to go away. Neither of the 3 is remotely close to justifying those contracts and the sad thing is their experience and lack of production is rubbing off on younger/developmental players. Each of the 3 contributed to the SB but it seems pretty evident that the SB win was more of a “we haven’t figured Mahomes and the offense out” Now there’s 3-4 guys like Mahomes in the league and defense have adjusted. Allen and Herbert look great and both have much better senses than KC. Last night KC had 4 false starts, at home… 4 more turnovers, Mahomes was off, WR’s had 4-5 drops, and the running game was non existent. So as bad as the defense was, we’re used to them giving up 30-40. Sadly the offense has to play perfect and when they don’t, and they’re playing a good team like Buffalo, the scoreboard shows who they are. Clearly they aren’t a top tier team, but I do think they’ll still get to the playoffs. And hopefully make a push. But the AFC is led by Buffalo, the Chargers and then the Browns//Baltimore.

  5. Their defense had actually been very good the last few seasons. It’s surprising to see it take such a nosedive.

    Super Bowl hangover?

  6. I especially love that as they are fielding the worst D in the league, they are still signing talented receivers with addiction problems and spotty availability to contracts rather than what they really need: running backs and defenders.

    The Chiefs D should each be given a red flag so they can wave it and yell “Ole’!!” as they let the Bills rocket on by.

  7. The Chiefs’ defense looked like Washington’s had put on Chiefs’ jerseys. This team looks like it could have a losing season and out of the playoffs. Buffalo showed how to beat them badly and they went for it and never let up.

  8. the guy burnt for most those huge plays. played 100 percent of the game. he has been the go to guys when an offense has needed a first down.every once in a while he makes a play but that is because he is beat already. The coaches who keep putting Sirensen in and told Chris collinsworth he is one of the better defense players needs to be fired three years ago. every 3rd down failure has this guys number on it. #49

  9. You know what might help this defense? The 32nd pick of the draft – Odafe Oweh – thanks for that one and enjoy Orlando Brown Jr who still has not been signed to an extension! Cheers!

    – Raven Nation

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