Dan Campbell: As ugly as it is right now, I think we’re building something special here

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings
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Sunday found the Lions leading 17-16 in the final seconds for the second time in the last three weeks and the result wound up being the same as it did against the Ravens in Week Three.

The Lions scored a touchdown with 37 seconds left on the clock and head coach Dan Campbell opted to go for two to try for a win instead of a tie. The Lions converted, but the Vikings were able to quickly drive for a field goal attempt.

Vikings kicker Greg Joseph didn’t set a new record for the longest field goal in NFL history, but he did hit a 54-yard kick to make the Lions 19-17 losers for the second time this season. The loss dropped the Lions to 0-5 on the season and Campbell choked up during his press conference while discussing a loss he believes will make the Lions a better team at some point in the future.

“When you put everything out there on the line like they did and like they do, you want it for them and you want it for everybody,” Campbell said, via Justin Rogers of the Detroit News. “Everybody gives of themselves, a lot of time, lot of effort. Hey, that’s what we do. And you just, you want it. You want it for everybody, man. And you want to earn one and we’re this close. We haven’t done it, so we’re still, we’re not quite there. We haven’t quite got over the hump, but I do think in the long run this is going to pay dividends for us. As ugly as it is right now and hard to swallow, I do think we’re building something special here that’s going to serve us well in the long term.”

The Lions have done a lot of losing over the years and they haven’t resulted in better teams, so Campbell may not find a lot of buyers for his view until the Lions actually show they’re capable of winning games rather than losing in heartbreaking fashion.

25 responses to “Dan Campbell: As ugly as it is right now, I think we’re building something special here

  1. Campbell has passion and is showing his love of the team. I have no doubt they will ALL will learn to get over the hump and finish games with a W’s.

  2. The Browns and Lions are very cursed. Vikings save their despair for post season games typically.

  3. The lions have been competitive. Rooting for the underdog; hope they find their footing and win a few games this season

  4. Disagree strongly on Campbell not finding a lot of buyers on his view. If anything the fanbase is buying in more, sure its easy to look at 0-5 and write that but looking at it as a whole this team competes and has been doing it without a lot of talent and one of the youngest rosters in the NFL while also suffering key injuries to over half a dozen of their key players.

  5. Poor Crybaby Campbell looked like a Viking bit him in the kneecaps. I don’t have a problem with men crying typically, but when you put on this uber tough guy facade from day one with the Lions, it’s pretty disingenuous when you break down in tiny alligator tears after losing a silly little game. Especially when it’s a game everyone fingered you’d lose anyway. I imagine his childish display has cost him the respect of the real men in the Lions locker room he was supposedly “leading.”

    Pathetic. Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

  6. Crying in a postgame press conference is never a good look unless it’s over a Ryan Shazier type situation. Blubbering after a last second loss is embarassing. Better get Dan more tissues b/c there are lots more Ls coming.

  7. Building something special? Is this guy for real?

    I feel bad for Lions fans. Not since Barry Sanders have they had a legitimate reason to tune in on Sundays.

  8. After the way Matt Patricia drove that team off a cliff it’s hard not to feel for them a little. What’s he up to now, anyways?

  9. They’ve been playing hard every game and have been close. They keep that up and they’ll pickup some wins. Contrast their games to the Jags who every single game take breaks and wind up impossibly behind by the time they start playing again.

  10. The thing about rebuilding teams is not when you lose…it’s how you lose. If you’re competitive in your loses,that gives the fan base a title hope their team is is heading in the right direction. Dan Campbell came into an almost impossible situation and I think he’s doing an admirable job…considering the circumstances.

  11. Even though their record is 0-4 we all know they beat the Ravens. They nearly beat the Vikings and the 49ers. Definitely better than their record.

  12. At least this guy’s legit and his players give their all. If they stay on that course things will turn around. Easy for Lions fans to support. I’ll take Campbell over that disingenuous clown in Jacksonville any day.

  13. By the looks of those tears, Campbell clearly hasn’t been with the Lions long enough. A walk off loss doesn’t faze Detroit fans or veteran players. HOF players walking off and retiring when they are still playing at a high level is what usually makes Kitty fans tear up.

  14. Let’s keep in mind that the only reasons the Lions were in the game was because of the ridiculously conservative game plan of the Vikings and the fumble on the 20-yard line that gifted them a touchdown when they were never close to the end zone the rest of the game. I’d say they almost got really lucky, not that it looks like they’re building toward something.

  15. Campbell just felt what Lions fans have felt for several decades. Unfortunately pain alone doesn’t translate into wins. The Lions need better players on both sides of the ball and that includes QB.

  16. I think the Lions are well coached — Campbell hired some strong assistant coaches and has his players playing hard. However, that game yesterday shouldn’t have been as close as it was — something I attribute more to the Vikings than the Lions.

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