Jaguars take green dot away from Myles Jack


Linebacker Myles Jack is one of the few bright spots on the Jacksonville defense. And he’d been entrusted with the green dot on his helmet, meaning that he hears the play call from the sideline and relays it to the huddle.

On Sunday, the Jaguars removed the green dot from Jack’s helmet.

“We have been evaluating that, because Myles plays three positions,” coach Urban Meyer told reporters after the loss to Tennessee. “You know, in the three different [alignments] — base, nickel, dime. We just did some research, he plays best when he doesn’t have to make the call.”

Meyer said that the playcalling responsibilities instead went to linebacker Damien Wilson and safety Rayshawn Jenkins. Meyer was asked whether having two different players having that responsibility created confusion on Sunday.

“I don’t think so,” Meyer said. “I think that’s a question I’m going to ask.”

Frankly, there are far more pressing questions to be asked, now that the Jaguars have lost 20 games in a row.

16 responses to “Jaguars take green dot away from Myles Jack

  1. dont undermine this. a complete slap in the face to jack. being the play caller on defense is a big thing to defensive players. at least we know who the next good player leaving this sinking (already sunk) ship will be

  2. Hmmm, we’re supposed to believe that the guy with seemingly the most complex role on the defense is capable of filling the role but incapable of directing those around him. So they choose the Office Space approach to running the defense.

    Why is Meyer still coaching this team?

  3. “Not a big deal. The last regime did the same thing and he handled it like a pro”

    The last regime also went 1-15 and were fired. Emulating people who couldn’t do anything right seems to be a bad strategy, no?

  4. What about Meyer saying after the game that his QB is uncomfortable sneaking, and then Lawrence saying otherwise when he was asked? Seems like a bad idea to call out your QB in that situation (true or not) and basically saying he would have called for the sneak if his QB could handle it.

  5. Jack didn’t have it last year as it was removed from him last season. It’s why the Jags got Shobert Meyer is just bad at his job to have done research.

  6. It isn’t a surprise that Trevor Lawrence and Urban Meyer think differently about Lawrence’s ability to QB sneak…


    its probably true that Urban Meyer doesn’t even know who Trevor Lawrence is.

  7. The Jaguars are a joke of a franchise. In the decade that Shad Khan has owned the team, they have a record of 41-111. It’s hard to be that bad on purpose.

  8. If Meyer isn’t fired he’s going to alienate the few good players the Jags have, Jack being one. Ramsey was smart to demand a trade.

  9. Urban Meyer is the joke of the NFL… Only the Jacksonville Jaguars would hire this clown this franchise has made bad decisions after bad decisions. The best decision that this ownership will ever make and is to sell the team!

  10. Myles Jack has looked like straight garbage all season. He looks disinterested and out of place often. I’m sure the playcalling was a demotion … the bench is next…

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