Kirk Cousins, Mike Zimmer have an awkward moment after Minnesota’s win

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings
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It started when Greg Joseph came up short on a 49-yard field goal attempt that would have given Minnesota an insurmountable 19-6 lead. It ended when Joseph made a 54-yard field goal that gave the Vikings an unlikely 19-17 win.

But it wasn’t quite over. Cameras caught Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins and Vikings coach Mike Zimmer in an aggressive push-and-shove moment. It looked like something other than a moment of unbridled joy. It looked like Cousins releasing some frustration in the face of Zimmer, and Zimmer not appreciating the aggressive gesture, to the point where someone needed to hold Zimmer back from beating the crap out of his quarterback. (And Zimmer, despite being on the wrong side of 65, could probably do it.)

Cousins downplayed the incident after the game. “I was just celebrating with it,” he said. “I was fired up.”

To the outside observer, it felt like something other than a celebration. It felt like belligerent defiance from Cousins, an opportunity to stick it to a coach who has been publicly (and surely privately) outspoken about his disagreement with Cousins’s decision to not get vaccinated.

And it underscores the fact that the Vikings are 2-3, that they should be 1-4, and that the Vikings have a mini-murderer’s row of games coming up between the rematch with the Lions in Week 13.

At Panthers, Cowboys, at Ravens, at Chargers, Packers, at 49ers. Cousins and Zimmer may not have many opportunities for awkwardly aggressive celebrations between now and their trip to Detroit.

24 responses to “Kirk Cousins, Mike Zimmer have an awkward moment after Minnesota’s win

  1. It’s crazy how these two guys are exact replicas of each other. Neither has any killer instinct, neither can make any adjustments, both need everything around them to go perfect, and both of them will always come up short in big games. It’s not good when your “franchise” QB and head coach are both okay with just trying not to lose all day.

  2. I’ve watched a lot of Kirk Cousinsand Mike Zimmer games, whether it be Vikings, Bengals, Washington or Dallas, and Mike Zimmer is a far better coach than Kirk Cousins is a QB. I would never want Kirk Cousins to be my QB.

  3. Two uncouth individuals battling with each other. Zimmer is totally devoid of social skills, and continues to meddle in the offensive side of team. However, Cousins anti-vax stupidity tops all Zimmer’s deficiencies. They deserve each other.

  4. That’s quite a stretch to think that Cousins was trying to stick it to Zimmer because of their vaccine disagreement. To me, it looks like Cousins is excited about the win and is celebrating with Zimmer, who he has gotten closer to lately. Players push, shove, and head butt each other all the time in celebrations. It looks like Zimmer is angry about it, though, because it’s probably pretty out of character for Cousins to do that and it was probably interpreted as something weird. Awkward moment, for sure.

  5. Yes, that’s it!
    Cousins was just exuberantly celebrating, “Yay!!! We beat the Lions at home! We’re in 3rd. We’re in 3rd!”

  6. From what I’ve been told Cousins was demanding Zimmer stop giving him static for wearing a tin-foil hat in the locker room, because, obviously, it works!

  7. IDK what is going on in Minnesota but that was no celebration. Looks like the QB snapped; they had to be separated.

  8. Bad mix, two socially unskilled individuals. Always going to be operating on the edge of a blow up.

  9. All you people that are cousins haters are nothing but an armchair QB. Can’t wait until he goes to another team with a O line that can block and pass protect. He will shine, go ahead and laugh. He’s a good QB, in MN he has a junk O line.

  10. Much ado about nothing. Both were probably in a state of emotional shock and disbelief over a Viking kicker actually making an important field goal. Although admittedly could there be two much more different personality types?

  11. I’m really enjoying the amount of dysfunction this team exhibits as it slowly comes apart at the seems.
    It’s like watching a car accident in slow motion.
    And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving fan base.
    Can’t wait for next week.
    Got my 🍿 ready!

  12. Anti vaxzers’ #1 reason for not getting vaccinated: It’s a personal decision. I don’t want to talk about it.

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