Leonard Fournette on Bucs talent level: This sh-t is different

NFL: OCT 10 Dolphins at Buccaneers
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The Buccaneers lost in Week Three and they had to grind their way to a 19-17 win over the Patriots in Week Four, but everything came back together for them against the Dolphins on Sunday.

Tom Brady threw for 411 yards and five touchdowns, Leonard Fournette picked up 110 yards from scrimmage and the Bucs rolled up 558 yards in a 45-17 home win. The performance was impressive from any angle, including the internal one.

Fournette shared a mid-game conversation he had with cornerback Richard Sherman about the talent level of the Buccaneers.

“Prior to the third quarter Rich came up to me and said, ‘Man, I’ve never been part of a team with so much talent’. And I’m telling him like, and excuse my language, but this sh-t is different,” Fournette said, via PewterReport.com. “At any time, you have multiple . . . what I can say? Hall Of Fame players. Pro Bowl players, all over the field. Not to mention that we’re missing Gronk, you know what I mean? This whole team as a unit, we can do a lot. We come out focused, put our minds together, understand the game plan and stay focused to the course.”

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians said it’s not “a fair fight” when the team has Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Antonio Brown lined up at wide receiver and they certainly had a lopsided advantage over Miami on Sunday. The Eagles will become the next team trying to stand their ground on Thursday night in Philadelphia.

21 responses to “Leonard Fournette on Bucs talent level: This sh-t is different

  1. I agree… Bucs are loaded…

    But Fournette also comes from the Jaguars… who probably had less talent than Fournettes LSU team…

    So he shouldn’t be making the comparison

  2. Players get to that elite level because they do take so much pride in their performance which typically show up on their stat sheets.
    But the amount of talent on this team requires an extreme level of selflessness for an NFL player.
    It requires them to understand that the best game plan is one that utilizes all the weapons, which will result in less skill players having killer stats.

  3. You can thank your quarterback Leonard, he has always taken less money to have a great supporting cast around him. Amazing how Greed is more important to quarterbacks then winning.

  4. So why’d they get blown out by the Rams and barely beat Dallas and the Patriots? The hyperbole is nauseating. It’s a good team. There are several just as good or better (the Bills).

  5. Tired of hearing about Brady’s sacrifices. First off I believe he got paid. But even if he didn’t that team thrived because it was the patriot way. Not the Brady way. Had he not left money to build the team BB would have found a way. Funny how everyone was successful IN NE but less so – playing and coaching – outside of it.

  6. Oh and agree with the prevailing comment. It was the Dolphins Lenny. Dolphins make anyone look like a team of destiny.

  7. The NFL is like the NHL now….almost everyone gets into the playoffs. Still a lot of football to play and then ANYTHING can get upset in the playoffs. Leornad needs to settle down

  8. The defense is not as good as it was in the playoffs. It is the team achilles’ heel.

  9. Gronk’s injury should serve as a lesson to all receivers to wear rib pads. It’s a bummer that he can’t play, but even worse for him is that it still hurts when he breathes.

  10. Now that the NFL has instituted Pro Bowl Defense into the weekly schedule it’s becoming less interesting.

  11. The Pats put out the blueprint because they have the horses to execute and deploy schemes that aren’t for the low IQ team defenses.

    Just Flores doesn’t have the coaching skills or horses to copy what NE did, doesn’t mean other teams can’t do it. The Rams did a pretty good job and they beat TB.

    NE lost because of a FG off the uprights from 56 yards out in a driving rain storm. Whopdee doo.

    These teams that like to do a lot of gushing and self promotion, usually don’t end up doing so well in the end.

  12. When asked what Super Bowl ring meant the most to him, Tom brady replied “the next one”. That is called leadership. Winners want to play with other winners it’s just that simple.

  13. Last year the Bucs fell to the Saints in spectacular fashion during the regular season. Of course they beat them in the playoffs when Brees had 8 ribs broken. They also faced an injured Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl. They’re good, but they’re not invincible. They would be 3-2 if not for a long field goal in the rain the Patriots kicked that hit the crossbar. The season is 17 games long. A lot could happen between now and the end.

  14. This is different!
    Of course it is! When a bunch a really good talent decides to take less money to play together and win,the only shock should be if they lose the Super Bowl or don’t get there! Tampa Bay is just like the Miami Heat when LeBron went there.

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