Report: More Jon Gruden emails reveal homophobic, misogynistic comments

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It’s suddenly getting a lot worse for Raiders coach Jon Gruden.

The selective leaks of emails sent by Gruden to former Washington executive Bruce Allen has expanded to include emails leaked to the New York Times on Monday.

Per the report, Gruden in the emails called Commissioner Roger Goodell a “f—-t” and a “clueless antifootball pussy.” Gruden also said that Goodell should not have pressured former Rams coach Jeff Fisher to draft “queers,” in reference to Michael Sam, a seventh-round pick of the team in 2014.

Meanwhile, an openly gay player, Carl Nassib, currently plays for Gruden.

Gruden also reportedly used “offensive language to describe some owners, coaches and journalists who cover the league.”

As explained in the article, “Allen and Gruden appeared to have few boundaries in expressing homophobic and transphobic language.” They mocked Buccaneers owner Bryan Glazer. They mocked Caitlyn Jenner. They criticized efforts to change the name of the Washington franchise. Gruden commented, “Nice job roger” in response to a sexist meme of a female referee.

As of last night, some in the league office believed Gruden would not be suspended for comments made at a time when he was not employed by any NFL team. It’s unclear whether those persons were aware of these additional emails. (I also have another theory on this, which I’ll explain in a later post.)

On Monday night, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the league sent more emails on Monday to the Raiders, and that the league is basically waiting for the Raiders to decide how to handle the situation. It ultimately could be that, while the league may not be able to suspend Gruden under the Personal Conduct Policy, the league will try to nudge the Raiders to fire him.

Gruden, who has repeatedly insisted that he has no racist bone, may now claim that he has no homophobic bone, no transphobic bone, and no sexist bone, either. At a certain point, the no-bone approach isn’t going to fly.

Based on the emails that surfaced on Monday night, that time may be now. If Gruden doesn’t choose to walk away in the aftermath of these disclosures, Davis very well could choose to terminate Gruden’s employment, sooner than later. It feels like the NFL is trying to get Davis to handle the situation, because the league fears that, legally, there’s nothing it can really do.

51 responses to “Report: More Jon Gruden emails reveal homophobic, misogynistic comments

  1. I never thought that I would think this but Gruden will be out of the NFL before Urban Meyer. Gruden might not make it to the game against the Broncos on Sunday unless he buys a seat to the game.

  2. Offensive comments no doubt. But fire the guy for ten years ago long before he was employed by any NFL team? Seems like possibly an easy win in court for Gruden.

  3. Crude comments and not that surprising. But why are these getting leaked to the public?

  4. Someone really has it in for him. Leaking some emails last week. Obviously unhappy that he didn’t get suspended or fired. Now they leak some more.

  5. We all have said some very stupid stuff in private. Gruden is stupid for putting it on a email thread.
    But Jon Guden shouldn’t lose his job over that. His .500 record should be it.

  6. I’m not justifying his comments in the least bit, but there is something additional going on here. Emails from 10 years ago, starting with one and now the flood gates magically open? I liked Gruden, too. I loved his fire, but now it seems he’s just a very angry dude.
    He’s looking like a real piece of work with all of this. It changes my perception of him as a person. “Never meet your heroes”, and in this day of age, you don’t even need to – the internet will expose them.

  7. Gruden carried himself like a neanderthal. Davis is probably the best equipped owner to handle this situation. Nassib deserves a better coach.

  8. I remember Colin Cowherd several years ago saying something to the effect of, “ I wonder 20 years from now how many people are going to say thier lives are so much better because of electronic media, Twitter , etc”. Gruden should quit right now because this is only going to get worse for him. Guaranteed this is only the tip of the iceberg

  9. “ Is anything private anymore? It’s unreal.”

    E-mails to prominent NFL individuals, potentially from your account, definitely are NOT private

  10. No bones at all! Gruden is a damn invertebrate! Well, a few things are starting to make sense now.

  11. I’m disappointed that he sent emails with language like that. However, if this was ten years ago then I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Mike Tirico said he enjoyed the time he spent with Gruden in the booth. Also, his players seem to be surprised by these emails and many have said they’ve never experienced anything like that from him. Was it stupid? Absolutely. However, how many professional athletes have made prejudicial language against another demographic and were given a free pass. Sure, there was a little backlash but nothing like Gruden is probably going to get. If it was ten years ago then maybe he has changed. Even Michael Vick got a second chance after his sentence and seemed like a changed man. Maybe this current Gruden is different from the guy who wrote that stuff ten years ago. He’ll take some heat but I don’t think he deserves to get tarred and feathered for something from a decade ago. I’m not condoning it. I would rather hear what the players have to say about him.

    And yes, it makes you wonder who’s leaking them and why now.

  12. broughtupbrowns says:

    October 11, 2021 at 8:52 pm

    Is anything private anymore? It’s unreal.

    Well if Gruden had sent them to Allen via a private/personal email they wouldnt have been able to be made public but he sent them to a former colleague on their work email.

  13. Now lets get more evidence of what we already know is a pervasive old boy network which spews hatred toward anyone who threatens their existance.

  14. Were these discovered during the investigation going on by law enforcement because of the trainers at WFT? Seems so strange that they’d come out now after 10 years.

    Either way, good riddance.

  15. As a cop and submarine veteran, I’m used to getting my chops busted continuously. As a Bostonian and diehard pats fan, I’ve never liked gruden.

    I DO NOT CONDONE his remarks, but we’ve all said and done some idiotic things in our lives. With that being said, if it was 201-, he was calling spider y banana with Tirico on MNF. Shame on him for his comments, but someone with an ace to grind just burned him.

    Whoever sent NYT those emails, must be wicked mad at gruden

  16. Aloha,
    Gruden is in trouble because he said racist stuff, at the very least. And because 2020 was a year that forced the NFL to promise to have 0 tolerance for racism. Remember the “What if it were me?”video? Players could certainly wonder: “What has he said about me?”.
    For people defending Gruden: Gruden’s behavior being ignored 10 years ago is what systemic racism looks like.

  17. These were from 10 years ago….but what are we not seeing from last week? It’s like someone who gets caught cheating and swears it was the first/only time….uh nope.

  18. djcologne says:
    October 11, 2021 at 8:50 pm
    Urban Meyer has to be the happiest coach in the NFL right now.

    You win the internet today, LOL.

  19. Once you hit the send button, anything you say on the internet can be used against you. You can argue til the cows come home that isn’t fair but you have to accept it as today’s reality.

  20. Are they gonna release all of the other coaches e-mail’s too? I’m sure he’s not the only one that would get taken down if they suddenly looked through 10 years worth of e-mails from the other 31 coaches.

  21. As came out after he was fired by Washington, Bruce Allen was a first class lowlife during his time there as GM. And Allen worked for the Raiders at one time. I’m wondering is Allen has some longstanding grudge against the Raiders and decided to settle their hash by leaking theses emails. Remember, Alarm was GM in Washington for 10 years despite a record well below .500. He didn’t survive that long despite an inferior record on his charm

  22. broughtupbrowns says:
    October 11, 2021 at 8:52 pm

    Is anything private anymore? It’s unreal.


    What year do you think this is? These aren’t personal letters or telegraphs. Remember kids, digital is forever.

  23. The emails were leaked to distract from the league’s investigation into one of their own, Dan Snyder.

  24. To be fair, most of the racist language used by Gruden was just direct references to Washington’s former team name

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