Sunday Night Football: Bills make a statement with 38-20 victory over Chiefs


The Bills spent a lot of time during the offseason coming up with ways to close the gap between themselves and the Chiefs in the AFC.

After Sunday’s Week Five result, it’s safe to say Buffalo accomplished that mission.

The Bills made a clear statement that they are among AFC’s elite with a 38-20 victory over the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football.

It was a game that featured a one-hour, two-minute weather delay between the second and third quarters, but that didn’t matter much for the final result. Kansas City gave up at least 30 points for the fourth consecutive game, as Buffalo blew through the team’s defense for 436 yards.

The Chiefs took a 10-7 lead with 10:00 left in the second quarter. But from there, Buffalo controlled the game. The Bills scored 17 consecutive points to take a 24-13 lead into the extended halftime.

Safety Micah Hyde began to put the game out of reach with a 26-yard pick-six midway through the third quarter. And quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw another interception late in the quarter deep in Buffalo territory to keep Kansas City off the board.

The Chiefs narrowed Buffalo’s lead to 11 points and it looked like they’d have an opportunity to make the game closer. But a key, questionable roughing the passer penalty against defensive end Frank Clark on third down allowed the Bills to extend a fourth-quarter drive. And Buffalo put the nail in the coffin with receiver Emmanuel Sanders‘ 8-yard touchdown with 5:51 on the clock.

Quarterback Josh Allen led the way, going 15-of-26 passing for 315 yards with three touchdowns — averaging 21 yards per completion and 12.2 yards per attempt. Allen was also Buffalo’s leading rusher with eight carries for 59 yards, including a 9-yard TD.

The Chiefs had another game with four turnovers, three of them by Mahomes. He had one of the worst games of his regular-season career, going 33-of-54 passing for 272 yards with a pair of TDs and a pair of interceptions. But he also lost a fumbled snap late in the fourth quarter on a possession that could have at least gotten Kansas City a cosmetic touchdown.

The two-time defending AFC champs could also be without their starting running back for a while, as Clyde Edwards-Helaire exited the contest in the second half with a left knee injury and did not return.

Kansas City is now 2-3 on the season and will travel to face 2-3 Washington in Week Six.

At 4-1, Buffalo will be on the road to take on the 3-2 Titans next Monday night. The Bills can make another statement with a second straight primetime victory on their way to clinching the AFC East sooner than later.

60 responses to “Sunday Night Football: Bills make a statement with 38-20 victory over Chiefs

  1. The officiating will get worse and worse the more money the NFL brings in from the legalized betting apps. Tonight was farcical, could have been 52-13 when all was said and done.

  2. Not really a statement. Mahomes isn’t very good and the Chiefs aren’t very good. 20-0?

  3. yes the roughing the lasser was a bad call, but so was the phantom hold on bills center the play before that wiped away a bills first down. they equaled out and put the ball where it belonged after the allen run

  4. I’ve been telling you mahomes luck would run out if he kept throwing crazy passes up for grabs!

  5. Incredible that the only comment about the officiating in this write up is pro-KC. Apparently they missed the even more questionable roughing the passer on Mahomes on 4th down that would have put the Bills at the KC 35.

  6. The Chiefs are an above average team right now. After breaking the bank for Mahomes, they have little depth on key positions.

  7. There would be no questionable roughing the passer penalty if they didn’t call the questionable hold on Mitch Morse the previous play.

  8. I think it’s time to swap andy reid with that look a like and his food menu playbook from a few years back. Pretty sure that dude would have the team at 4-1 at a minimum.

  9. The chief are exposed… The gimmicky game plan on last so long…
    Their window is closing rapidly IF it is not already shut!
    Peace out to the Chiefs!

  10. The “questionable” roughing the passer call came immediately after an absolute phantom holding call on Mitch Morse that negated a first down deep in Buffalo territory, but whatever…GO BILLS!!!

  11. So you mentioned the roughing by the Bills, but the series before the refs called a bogus roughing on the Bills! Refs tried there hardest to give Chiefs a chance

  12. There have been some teams that won a SB, and then seemed to think they’d bought a yearly pass for the event, only to suddenly realize that going back is far from certain in a career let alone every year. TheChiefs for around a year have been talking like they were going to be in the hunt for the SB EVERY YEAR. Mahomes has talked a little this way too. Another word for this is hubris and presumption, pride. Mahomes and crew don’t seem like they are going up, they seem an arrow pointed down. More dangerous for them is they keep talking like they’re the guy on the block despite their record. The chiefs are not a SB contender at the moment, and Mahomes is still flash but I’m seeing some bad habits particularly on the simpler throws. He’s always been able to have bleep footwork when he chose to and the ball always got there. Now some of those lay ups in the flat and shorter routes are not on target. The Chiefs have issues of execution, of scheme on Defense, and I think their Offense isn’t scaring people and CONFUSING them as it once did. Still a crazy good QB at the helm. But they have no right to even think the word dynasty or SB favorites until they return to top form and demonstrate that against the top opponents. IMO

  13. Frustrated with the roughing the passer penalty getting the Bills across the line. The one on Buffalo on 4th down was just as questionable and would have given the ball to Buffalo deep in KC territory and nothing said. Bills were dominant and deserving of that “W”. Go Bills.

  14. Mahomes again looked extremely pedestrian. Not like the all-time greatest quarterback the media already professes he is.

  15. All that money into the KC offense will have to show up on the defense at some point. It’s been a show this season

  16. If they are not careful the Chiefs could end up 9-8 or 8-9. Packers, Titans and Cowboys coming up then 3 tough divisional games against the Chargers and Raiders.

  17. Starting to maybe look like the so called “ Dynasty” might have to figure something’s out pretty quickly, but we’ll just have to wait and see over the next few months what happens.

  18. I wonder where the Pats fan is who said the Chiefs would expose the Bills as frauds? I know Chris Jones was out but KC’s defense looks extremely average.

  19. Seriously? ,Controversial roughing? He drilled him into the ground with his full weight! Or do you want him to end up like Gronk with multiple broken ribs? SMH!

  20. Notice now how often even the announcers are obligated to comment on how bad some officiating is. Its getting worse, and you can draw a direct correlation to gambling.

  21. The Ravens absolutely broke this team’s back in week 2 and they have never recovered – Bills just buried them for the season though. Cheers! Where’s your dynasty now KC? What a great season it’s been. Cheers!

  22. Your only comment on the officiating is that the Bills got a call? Really? The only reason they were in 3rd and long so that Clark could rush the passer in the first place was because of a phantom holding call on the Bills center on the previous play, which went for a 1st down. The RTP call for landing on Allen with his bodyweight was a make up call for that one. Those officials were horrible and gave KC plenty of help last night. They must have given them 6 or 7 fresh sets of downs after the Chiefs stalled. If that game was called down the middle then Buffalo would have won 45-16.

  23. I can’t believe there is squabbling about individual calls when the game was a blowout anyhow.

  24. Great team win for the Bills! despite the horrible calls by the refs, it happens every game for alll the teams. When will the League hold these refs accountable?

  25. After 5 games, KC has given up 9 more points than they have scored this year.

    Unless things change, I don’t see them going anywhere this year. And they certainly have some tough games coming up.

    But it’s still early in the season.

    After years in the basement it’s nice to see the Bills emerge as a good team.

    I would like to see Allen not run with the ball as much as he is. They don’t need to have him injured.

  26. Conveniently forgotten in the carping about the weak roughing call on Clark (which came immediately after a phantom hold call on Morse) is the equally weak roughing call on Buffalo’s Ed Oliver on a failed 4th and 3 from the KC 32–the drive that ultimately ended with the Rousseau freak INT.

  27. The Chief fans have now officially joined the Seahawks fans. You know, the bragging about the “dynasty” and all after getting a Super Bowl win and then being done.

  28. The two best QBs in the AFC are on opposite ends of the country…..Buffalo (Josh Allen) and Los Angeles (Justin Herbert). Both went into KC and punched the Chiefs in the mouth…I wonder if Mahommes knows who Herbert and Allen are now ?

  29. “Hey, the Bills might lose another SB if they’re lucky.”

    They might just win a few, too.

    The road down to the cellar is going to be a tough one for Pats fans.

  30. Holmgren’s frozen ‘stache says:
    October 11, 2021 at 9:09 am
    One of the poorest officiated games I have ever seen.
    Not from KC’s perspective.

  31. Kelce Flopped when he realized the pass was out of bounds and uncatchable. The refs need help from replay officials upstairs to pick up that flag. B
    Questionable penalties all game mostly non calls where Bills players were getting held nearly every play,.
    That being said, the Bills got bailed out by the refs when they needed it most, on that last TD drive. But if I’ve said it once I’ll say it again, the NFL hates a blowout, and there are a lot of subjective calls that can swing a game, look at how much the NFL brags about close games. I love my bills so I’ll never stop watching but this is why I will never ever ever bet big money on an NFL game with pointspreads

  32. No more a statement than last years Saints 38-3 victory over the Bucs on Sunday Night. It’s just one regular season game with a whole lot of games still to play.

  33. Mahomes has looked awful since the loss to the Ravens.

    3/4 of the League wishes their QB looked this ‘bad’

  34. touchback6 says:
    October 11, 2021 at 1:46 am
    I’ll take Mac Jones’s comeback win over Houston thank you very much.


    A comeback win? Meaning you gave up points to the Davis Mills Show? That’s pretty embarrassing and something the Bills wouldn’t know anything about.

  35. The real problem is the Chiefs horrific defense. NFL defenses should not allow that many receivers to be THAT wide open throughout a game. A couple of those plays were so bad it was hard to tell which Chief was even supposed to be covering the guy.

  36. Hey, the Bills might lose another SB if they’re lucky.

    New England has won the most Super Bowls. They’ve also lost the most

  37. I’m a little sick of reading about the “questionable” penalty on Frank Clark. The Chiefs would have turned the ball over on downs on like their own 30 if not for an even more “questionable” call on Ed Oliver. That would have sealed the game but the refs saved them because it was on Mahommes.

  38. Questionable calls? You want to blame this game on questionable calls? Laughable! The Chiefs have some serious problems. To wit: 1) The Oline is no better than the one that lost the SB even though they swapped out everyone. 2) Because of that, Mahomes is running for his life every play and making mistakes(turnovers). 3) The defense has not gotten better, still can’t stop anyone and looks worse because the offense keeps giving the ball back to their opponents. Correct the turnovers and they will be better but there is no question that Buffalo is the better team right now. The Bills came to Arrowhead and punched them in the mouth.

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