Urban Meyer sets unlikely goal for Jaguars: 250 yards both passing and rushing in a game

NFL: OCT 10 Titans at Jaguars
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For Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer, the goals at the moment would seem to be basic things like, “Win my first NFL game” and “Save my job.” But Meyer has set a much more ambitious goal for his team than just that.

Meyer said today that he wants his team to rush for 250 yards both passing and rushing in a game, according to Mark Long of the Associated Press.

That is unlikely. So far this season, no NFL team has managed 250 yards both passing and rushing in any game. The last time it happened was Christmas of last season, when the Saints did it against the Vikings, in a game best remembered for Alvin Kamara scoring six touchdowns. Suffice to say, this year’s Jaguars do not have the offense of last year’s Saints.

During his time coaching Ohio State, Meyer also set that goal for his team. But the difference is, at Ohio State, where Meyer’s teams were usually much more talented than their opponents, that was actually a realistic goal. To set that goal for the Jaguars does nothing but add fuel to the criticism that Meyer doesn’t grasp the differences between coaching in college and coaching in the NFL.

26 responses to “Urban Meyer sets unlikely goal for Jaguars: 250 yards both passing and rushing in a game

  1. How to give motivation to a team that has yet to win a game?

    Give them unrealistic goals

  2. Even if he achieves it, if their defense doesn’t stop the other team he still loses!

    College football goals don’t work in the NFL!

  3. I officially give up. This is too much for me to take. Please resign Urb, for the good of the team.

  4. I’m surprised by this , I always thought his preferred offense was hands under center and grind it out .

  5. I think 0-7 is a realistic goal for Khan to can the man and just admit, I made a big mistake time to move on.

  6. Urban Meyer is tone-deaf, and completely out of his depth in the NFL. This hiring had disaster written all over it to anyone who has paid attention to what happened to other coaches jumping from the college ranks.

  7. Jimmy Johnson was a National Championship winner in college. He got hired by the worst team in the NFL at the time, the Dallas Cowboys. They finished with the worst record, and so they had the number one pick. They drafted Troy Aikman. They went 1-15 the first year. Aikman was 0-11. Before we get too carried away with Urban Meyer, try to go dig up some of the old articles that were printed about Jimmy Johnson back then. If you can’t find any, just print out the recent Urban Meyer stuff, and change the names. It’s very similar. It was hopeless. Jimmy was in over his head. He just wasn’t cut out for the NFL. He should consider going back to college. Fast forward 30 years and Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman, and Jerry Jones are all in the Hall of Fame, and three Super Bowl trophies are sitting in the Cowboy’s trophy case. Sorry if I spoiled a good fantasy.

  8. Man isn’t even having goals that are plausible for the league he’s in. Why set a goal for a team that just is trying to crawl that is unattainable?? Yet again, the man is not made for the Pros

  9. I agree with CharlieCharger but Jimmy seemed to at least grasp the concepts of NFL football and had some idea of how he wanted to build his team. Urban Meyer seems to have no idea what he wants to do or what he needs to do. A rudderless ship as they say.

  10. mikebacker9090 says:
    October 11, 2021 at 2:18 pm

    He’s trying to get fired so he can take the USC job.

    Probably spot on. I’ve never seen a head coach go to the bar and pose for pictures with multiple women. Just seems like he’d be smart enough to know better…and I think he is.

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