Will Browns trade Odell Beckham Jr.?

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With 22 days to go until the window for making 2021 trades closes, it’s impossible not to wonder whether the Browns will be looking to make a move.

It wouldn’t be a move to make the team better for the playoff run. It would be a move to close the book on a chapter that, in hindsight, the Browns never should have opened.

It’s never worked for Odell Beckham Jr. and the Browns. In 2019, his presence (and his unrelenting desire to have the football thrown his way) made things difficult for quarterback Baker Mayfield. (The selection of Freddie Kitchens to be the team’s head coach didn’t help matters.) Last year, new coach Kevin Stefanki was getting OBJ more involved in the game, and he had a great performance against the Cowboys, with 73 rushing yards and a touchdown and 81 receiving yards and a pair of touchdowns, including a score on a throw from Jarvis Landry.

This year, Beckham missed the first two games of the season as he continued to recover from a torn ACL suffered in Week Seven last season. In Week Three against the Bears, Beckham had five catches for 77 yards and one rushing attempt for 10. In Week Four at Minnesota, Beckham had two catches for 27 yards on seven targets, with Mayfield and OBJ failing to connect on multiple occasions when Beckham clearly was open.

On Sunday, a 42-point outburst included only two catches for 20 yards on three targets. In contrast, tight end David Njoku was targeted seven times. Receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones was targeted six times. Receiver Rashard Higgins was targeted five times. Running back Kareem Hunt was targeted six times.

Beckham, for whatever reason, has become an afterthought in the offense. Indeed, his name didn’t even come up during post-game press conferences conducted by coach Kevin Stefanski and Mayfield.

If there’s a taker for the balance of his $14.5 million salary, the Browns would be crazy not to consider making a move. They don’t need him. Someone else may think they do. And Beckham may be quietly pining for a chance to go to a place where he can do more than be an overpaid decoy.

With three weeks and one day to go, it makes sense to be watching and waiting for a suitor to emerge. Especially if a contender with a great quarterback loses a key receiver to injury. For the Browns, anything they’d get for Beckham would be more than what they’re currently getting from him now.

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  1. Who would want him? He is a headache, makes a lot of $ and isn’t that good anymore. Lol yeah the demand will be really high!

  2. Two reasons to trade him. (1) He’s an unproductive distraction (2) They need draft ammunition to get a franchise QB

  3. Trade him to the Jaguars for whatever you can get. Urban Meyer and Trent Baalke have no idea what they are doing. It’s a perfect opportunity to get that salary off your books.

  4. Not getting much for him now and never should have traded and paid him in the 1st place. WR is not a premium position that you need to win a title with.

  5. Odell Beckham jr. would have to agree to a contract restructure to facilitate a possible trade. At this point,with his dwindling trade value with each passing game,looks pretty bleak for any valuable return for the Browns. Odell’s attitude takes the cake tho…he’s never really fit in or really wanted to.

  6. “Beckham, for whatever reason, has become an afterthought in the offense.”

    He’s been out hurt a ton which doesn’t help but the obvious answer is that he’s nowhere near the player he was his first 3 seasons. He came back to earth hard and has never been anywhere close to that level again. He had 35 TDs his first 3 seasons and has had 16 the 5 seasons since. He’s not terrible but he’s inconsistent and never takes over a game any more. And his production keeps falling despite defenses no longer keying on him. It’s been years since defenses paid any special attention to him.

  7. The one handed catch was the worst thing that happened to him.

    As a Giant’s fan, I watched him always open and catch just about everything. Then those catches where you have to extend, maybe leave your feet and use TWO hands, he was doing the one handed thing.

    Practiced that way, played that way and stopped catching everything that didn’t hit him in stride. I do not like trades but watching him became annoying.

    There’s a reason Mike Evans was picked ahead of him.

  8. When the Browns needed to convert a 4th down yesterday, Beckham dropped a pass that was right in his hands and no contact was involved. Pretty lame for a WR getting paid his salary and who “expects” to get the ball.

  9. Ironically, the Giants are a good partner given their recent losses. But the stigma there is probably too strong to make a deal.

  10. At this point, the Browns would likely have to trade away some draft capital, for some team to take on OBJ’s ridiculous salary. Something similar to the Lions/Rams trade for Goff, or Eagles/Colts trade for Wentz. Unload an over priced contract by giving up a draft pick, instead of receiving one.

  11. I’d love to see Keenum play in at least 2 or 3 games with OBJ, just to see how it goes.

    If Keenum and OBJ could make some good things happen then it might shed a little light on who might actually be the dud here.

  12. Nobody is going to trade for him. He’s not worth trading for at any price or the $30M remaining on his contract in 2022 and 2023. He’s a distraction to the team and he’s just not worth it. Besides, why trade for him when a team can sign him after the Browns release him at the end of the year. There would be no dead money and they could get $15M of cap space–they can use that to sign Mayfield to a contract extension. My guess is people won’t be knocking down the door to sign him either. Only certain teams are dumb enough to think they can control him. He’s like AB only more childish.

    I thought it was a stupid trade when they made it. Peppers, though not a standout, has been a solid player. One of the other draft picks they got in that trade has become a starter. It’s time for the Browns to cut bait and run.

  13. OBJ has clearly not lived up to his contract for a variety of reasons. But he has not been the distraction in Cleveland that so many comments allude to. In fact, he is considered a great teammate on the Browns.
    The visor, watch, shoes and $ handed to LSU players were all just dumb things to do, but if you think they affected anybody else on the roster, or believe they were distractions, you are just wrong.
    OBJ is overpaid relative to his production, and surely won’t be a Brown in 2022, at least not at his current salary, but that’s it…he is overpaid, not a problem of any other kind.

  14. “Some team will take him.”

    Somebody will be hoping to replicated what the Bucs have gotten in Antonio Brown. But you have to wonder if Odell’s heart is really in it any more. Browns are an up-and-coming team, Jarvis Landry is a good friend of his, and he’s been given the ideal situation where he doesn’t have to carry a ton of the load and can benefit from easier coverage since he’s not the main guy. If he couldn’t fit in with the Browns where will he?

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