Carson Wentz: We can’t get caught up in our record or how that looks

NFL: OCT 11 Colts at Ravens
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After Monday’s loss to the Ravens, the Colts are now 1-4 and staring at an uphill climb to potentially reach the postseason for a second straight year.

As Stephen Holder of pointed out, quarterback Carson Wentz reached career highs in passing yards with (402), passer rating (128.5), and yards per attempt (11.5) — but it wasn’t enough for a victory. Wentz, however, also lost a first-quarter fumble in the red zone, which clearly kept points off the board.

After the game, Wentz said the Colts “can’t ever relax” and have to do a better job of finishing. And he noted that it’s a game Indianapolis will learn from.

“Unfortunately, I have said that too many times this year — that there is good we can learn from,” Wentz said. “But, every week, it is a little better and a little better, and we have played some good teams. And so, for us, we cannot get caught up in the record or where we are at or how that looks. We just have to come out and try and go 1-0 every week and just keep learning from these little moments. Like, tonight, I mean this is a huge opportunity to show what we can do. And I thought we did a good job. Just not good enough.”

All teams have that week-to-week approach, but when losses start to pile up, it can take the steam out of a season. And at some point, whatever a team can learn must start translating into wins.

“At the end of the day for us, I know the outside world, that’s what they have to talk about. But internally, in this locker room, we can’t focus on that,” Wentz said. You know, know it’s a long season, and we are still in October — early October. And it’s a long season. So, we don’t get caught up in that. We get caught up in who’s next and what’s coming down the road here. And, yeah, I wish I didn’t have to keep saying we are going to learn from it and get better, but that’s the approach we are going to have to have every single week.”

Fortunately for the Colts, they play in the AFC South. Unless there’s a tie, one team between Indianapolis and Houston will get a second victory when they play each other in Week Six.

16 responses to “Carson Wentz: We can’t get caught up in our record or how that looks

  1. Best game by Carson in a long, long time. Should’ve won.

    Not gonna lie though, I only care about that 1st round pick for the Eagles, so I am happy with the outcome.

  2. Shoving a defender’s head in the ground and then doing a ridiculous flop when he retaliates is not the type of behavior you expect to see from a pro-class team. Doyle should be thrown out of the league for that cheap shot. Colts deserved to lose.

  3. In his defense, he put the team in a very good position to win but the defense and kicking really took a giant dump on the Thanksgiving turkey.

  4. Well it looks like you ran into the buzzsaw that is the most electrifying quarterback in the NFL and one of the best passing quarterbacks this season. Haters be gone – goodbye you are the weakest link

  5. As a die hard Eagles fan I am obligated to root for Carson to stay healthy & Indy finish with the worst record possible. That being said this team gets J Ville & Houston twice, so it’s highly likely they win at least 5 games.
    For the first time in the history of ever I watched Carson recognize there was no play to be made ( the flea flicker ) and he intelligently threw the ball away. Nice to see there is hope for the guy to learn how to mentally play the position.

  6. For once, this is not the team’s fault in caving in during the second half – that defense was nearly preparing to put coaches into the game as players.

  7. As an Eagles fan, watching Indy games is awkward. I want Wentz to hit 75% of snaps so the birds get a first, so they need to win a certain amount of games to prevent the team from benching Wentz to save the pick.

    But I want them to lose enough to make it a high draft pick, so I guess we need to root for Tennessee to be mediocre enough that the Colts feel they still have a chance at the division even if they keep losing.

  8. Wentz has been playing great for us. I will be sad to give away the pick, but he’s definitely not the issue with the Colts.

    Without all the injuries, this is a different Colts team.

  9. Wentz looked good. The Ravens defense can’t let that happen anymore. Not with Herbert up next, Burrow and Mayfield up 2x times each, and A-Rod still to go.

  10. Colts crapped the bed big time vs Ravens
    Baltimore needed a miracle FG & an opposing kicker to miss chipshot FGs to get to 4-1. They won’t have that luxury vs LAC & the Browns.

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