Darius Leonard: When the game was on the line, defense didn’t step up


Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson’s work in bringing his team back from a 16-point deficit in the fourth quarter on Monday night was called “one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen” by Ravens head coach John Harbaugh.

The reaction on the other side was different. Colts head coach Frank Reich regretted getting conservative in the fourth quarter when they could have put the game away and the team’s defense was left trying to explain why they went from holding the Ravens in check to being unable to stop them at all.

Injuries in the secondary played a role and Jackson had plenty of time to find open receivers as breakdowns occurred at every level of the defense. The failure led linebacker Darius Leonard to call this the worst loss of his career.

“When the game was on the line, the defense didn’t step up,” Leonard said, via Joel A. Erickson of the Indianapolis Star. “That was really heartbreaking. We believe in this defense, and when you don’t step up, and you don’t win a game for the Colts organization as a defender, it sucks. That was definitely the worst one.”

Given the circumstances, it’s hard to argue with Leonard’s assessment of the magnitude of the loss.

8 responses to “Darius Leonard: When the game was on the line, defense didn’t step up

  1. Got to love Darius Leonard. That dude is a football player and has me watching Colts games just to see what he can do on defense.

  2. No you did not come up Mr. Leonard. That would be because you ran into the buzzsaw that is Lamar Jackson throwing for over 400 yards! What an animal! Haters can’t stand to see this and all the detractors are going back into their rat holes. Cheers!

  3. As a Baltimore fan, I miss the days of having top notch linebackers. Our corps is lacking very heavily these days and I find myself enjoying the play of other backers. I miss the likes of Luke Kuechly, Patrick Willis, Brian Urlacher. But thankfully, Darius Leonard exists. This guy is great, and I really enjoy watching him play.

  4. Remember when MLBs were 6’4″ and 250 or 260 –ie, full-sixed MEN? Now teams like the Colts employ little guys like Leonard at the heart of their defense and wonder why they get abused. What a soft outfit they are.

  5. Don’t worry Colts fans. Queen isn’t living up to Baltimore’s standards at ILB. Our defense is so suspect right now. Giving up over 500 yards last night is completely unacceptable to this old fan. Thank goodness we came up with some key plays. Wentz was looking really good for you guys.

  6. Hardly impressive performance – he was playing against a secondary filled with practice squad people who were filling in for injured players. When that defense was at full strength, Lame looked unremarkable. Even the former Washington QB, Haskins-Robbins, the multi-flavored turnover machine could have done as well against those players.

  7. Almost as impressive of a comeback by Lamar Jackson as that of a rookie Mac Jones. It shows a lot of character.

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