Kyle Shanahan thinks Jimmy Garoppolo will be ready for Week Seven

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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The 49ers don’t play this week, which is a good thing for a team with two quarterbacks who need some time to heal.

Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t play in Week Five because of a calf injury and Trey Lance is dealing with a knee sprain he suffered while playing in place of Garoppolo in Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals. Head coach Kyle Shanahan said after that loss that “nothing’s changed” on the quarterback front and that Garoppolo remains the starter when he’s healthy enough to play.

During a Tuesday appearance on KNBR, Shanahan said he believes Garoppolo will be healthy enough to play in Week Seven against the Colts.

“I mean, he’s doing good,” Shanahan said, via “We’ll see when we get back [after the bye week]. I think he’ll be ready to go next week when we get back. That’s the plan. I know he’s doing a lot better now than he was last week.”

Shanahan said he won’t “set it in stone” because calf injuries can be “a little bit weird” while citing George Kittle‘s current injured reserve stint, but noted the two injuries aren’t the same while reiterating his hope for Garoppolo in Week Seven.

4 responses to “Kyle Shanahan thinks Jimmy Garoppolo will be ready for Week Seven

  1. People can point out injuries as some sort of fluke or the players themselves… but when it keeps happening doesn’t the coach have to take some of that heat too? Shannie’s record really isn’t that good when you take Jimmy G out of the line-up and he does have something to do with the players put in to replace Jimmy.

  2. Shanahan should have several super bowls with the talent and choice draft picks he had and yet, his teams seem to flounder due to tons of injuries.

  3. Nagy gets a lot of hate, but he’s actually won a lot of games with Trubisky, Chase Daniel, Foles, and now rookie Fields as his QBs. Yet Shanahan is the “offensive genius” who can’t even function without Jimmy G.

  4. “Yet Shanahan is the “offensive genius” who can’t even function without Jimmy G.”

    He gets a free pass for all kinds of stuff and I’ve never understood why. How many people have just conveniently forgetten his coaching directly cost him TWO Super Bowl victories? If they’d just ran the ball and hadn’t kept snapping it with 15 seconds on the play clock the Falcons beat the Patriots and the Niners led the Chiefs by 10 with less than 8 minutes to play when he quit running Mostert and started passing every down. Yet you constantly hear him talked about in glowing terms like he never makes a bad call.

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