Leslie Frazier: Playing Patrick Mahomes, not bringing pressure was the right thing to do

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Bills’ defense played about as well as any defense could be reasonably expected to play against Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes on Sunday night, and Buffalo defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier says that was thanks in large part to a decision not to bring pressure.

Frazier said he didn’t call a single blitz for the entire game, reasoning that it was better to drop more defenders into coverage and prevent Mahomes from finding open receivers deep downfield. The result was Mahomes finished the game with a career-low 5.0 yards per pass attempt.

“I thought about that when we were putting this plan together,” Frazier said, via the Buffalo News. “I don’t know if I’ve ever been in a game where we didn’t pressure at least once. So this was unusual. But for this opponent it was the right thing to do. The more we studied Kansas City and their offense, and watching Mahomes and how he operated versus pressure, man, it just created a lot of problems for defense because of his ability to be able to see things and identify early and make you pay for bringing pressure. I’m not saying that will always be the strategy. But for this game that was the right thing to do.”

Whether any other defense has the talent to replicate the Bills’ success against Mahomes remains to be seen, but other teams will undoubtedly study the game that Frazier called and see if he unlocked the secret to stopping the best quarterback in the NFL.

16 responses to “Leslie Frazier: Playing Patrick Mahomes, not bringing pressure was the right thing to do

  1. Frazier’s game plan was the second of the type, not the first. All credit to the Bucs’ Todd Bowles.

  2. The Chiefs are just the next in a long line of “dynasty’s that werent”. But at least the QB is getting PAAAAIIIIIIIIDDDDDD.

  3. Basically he copied what he saw in the last super bowl, the key here is having an excellent front 4, no every teams has it.

  4. Bucs did the same thing in the Super Bowl. They hardly blitzed the chiefs and focused on getting pressure with the front 4.

  5. Let’s see 7 time defending Super Bowl champ Tom Brady just dropped 5 TD passes and 400 yards but let’s keep calling Mahomes the best QB in the NFL. I guess we’re rewarding style points rather than wins, losses and championships.

  6. Nobody wants to give Belichick credit for the blueprint against the Chiefs from week 4 last year. Todd Bowles copied it and won the SB. This year Belichick gave the blueprint against the Bucs but nobody will give him credit for that either.

  7. Check-down Patty is such a system QB. He’d be just another guy with #10 or #87 to make it simple for him. How’s the toe feeling?

  8. The Bowles D against Mahomes only works if you have the personnel. And even then, you need some breaks (the Bucs got a little lucky that the Chiefs O-line was so banged up in the SB, and the Bills benefitted from a few turnovers that were somewhat weather related).

    People always talk about “blueprints” against good QB’s. There are guidelines, but I don’t see anything beyond that. KC will adjust to what the league is doing & improve as the season progresses.

  9. “see if he unlocked the secret to stopping the best quarterback in the NFL”

    Frazier didn’t stop Josh Allen…

  10. “Copying BB I see. Which is why it won’t work against Mac Jones!”

    Why would it work against Mac Jones? Jones isn’t a downfield threat. Trying to use the same defense against him would be terrible strategy.

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