Mark Andrews: We have that connection on offense

NFL: OCT 11 Colts at Ravens
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Lamar Jackson completed passes to nine different Ravens during Monday night’s comeback win over the Colts, but there were two receivers he kept going back to more often than the others.

Tight end Mark Andrews caught 11 passes for 147 yards and wide receiver Marquise Brown had nine catches for 125 yards in the overtime win. Andrews caught two touchdowns in the fourth quarter and followed them both up by catching the two-point conversions the Ravens needed to tie the game. Brown caught the winning touchdown and had a 43-yard touchdown when the Ravens were down 22-3 in the third quarter.

Andrews and Jackson have been together for four seasons with Brown joining them for the last three years. Andrews and Brown were also teammates at Oklahoma and Andrews said after the win that the performance was a sign of how they’ve grown together over the years.

“I think we’re growing, we’re getting better, we’re getting more mature,” Andrews said, via the team’s website. “All of those things that happen over the years. We have that connection. We’ve always had it, but when you have guys all around you that are making plays, it’s hard to stop that.”

Brown and Andrews both rank in the top 10 of the NFL in receiving yards and the Ravens are the only team with two receivers with at least 400 receiving yards at this point in the season. That’s a good sign for the growth of their passing game as we move deeper into the 2021 season.

7 responses to “Mark Andrews: We have that connection on offense

  1. Playing like the #1 tight end in the NFL! What an amazing performance and a clutch signing by EDC. Just incredible. Ravens are rolling and the haters can’t stand it. Cheers!

  2. “Brown and Andrews both rank in the top 10 of the NFL in receiving yards and the Ravens are the only team with two receivers with at least 400 receiving yards at this point in the season.”
    But wait. I thought our QB was a RB who can’t throw. How is this possible?

  3. Andrews was unstoppable last night. I couldn’t believe the passes and catches that he and Lamar put together. No one could stop them. And Brown is the ultimate compliment. Always open with his speed.

  4. Andrews is 100% the key to Lamar’s success throwing. He’s a safety blanket. Take him away, and you beat the Ravens because then Lamar actually has to make reads and deliver the ball accurately to well-covered receivers. Crunch the numbers and look at the playoff losses: in every game, Andrews has been taken out. Typically only 4-5 receptions and 30-40 yards per game. That’s it. All losses. The terrible Patriots team beat the Ravens last year removing Andrews from the game. The Raiders did it this year. It’s fun to watch Lamar constantly hit a wide open Andrews when they play terrible teams like the Colts and pad his throwing stats, but boy when it matters against good defenses, they find a way to eliminate the true threat, Mark Andrews, and Lamar can’t adjust. These are facts. Watch those losses. It’s the same common denominator. In the regular season the Ravens beat up the bad defenses and Lamar looks impressive, but it’s smoke and mirrors. And the playoffs consistently expose this.

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