Motion to halt La’el Collins suspension denied

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on Tuesday that he didn’t see any reason to think that tackle La'el Collins would be available for Sunday’s game against the Patriots and now we know for certain that he won’t be back with the team.

Judge Amos L. Mazzant denied Collins’ bid for a temporary restraining order that would halt his suspension under the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Collins was suspended five games and has already served the first four games of the ban.

In his opinion, Mazzant writes, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News, that “The Court takes no comfort in enforcing an arbitration award that upholds a punishment that, arguably, is not permissible under the parties’ CBA. But, just as the Court cannot embrace its own opinion as to the validity of Collins’ claims or the out-of-bounds nature of the NFL’s disciplinary decisions, the Court cannot disregard an arbitrator’s reasonable construction of the parties’ agreements.”

Terence Steele will remain at right tackle for the Cowboys this week and Jones discussed the possibility that he’ll remain there once Collins is back on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday.

“Is he an argument I guess — I guess that’s okay to say he’s an argument, a case, whatever. And, boy, has he,” Jones said. “He’s just played outstanding. Boy, he has shown me he has a long-term future in this game and this game with the Cowboys. So, he’s played outstanding relatively speaking. Now, that doesn’t mean that La’el Collins is any less of a player. La’el Collins is a significant member of the team. And, so, this just gives us what you hope for: young player ascending and gives us depth and gives us, if you will, an alternative. All of that is there.”

Collins is eligible to return to the team next week.

4 responses to “Motion to halt La’el Collins suspension denied

  1. Move Collins back to guard and take Williams place. He was a heck of a guard next to Smith those first several years. We will see if the “ we want the best 5 lineman on the field” mantra is true or just lip service.

    Not that I have anything against Williams but I think Steele has proven he is one of the 5 best I know Collins is as well.

  2. I don’t get how the NFL got away with implying he was already suspended once for 4 games and the arbitrator used that against him in his decision. The NFL providing false information should void the entire suspension.

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