NFLPA plans to petition NFL to release the rest of the WFT emails

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In July, the NFL managed to conclude the Washington Football Team investigation and to conceal the specific results of it. Now, many have begun pushing for transparency in the WFT situation.

The events surrounding the resignation of Raiders coach Jon Gruden, sparked by the selective leaking of emails he sent to former Washington president Bruce Allen, have sparked a growing outcry for more (any) transparency on the question of the WFT investigation. The NFL Players Association has joined in that chorus.

“We have had communications with the league, and the NFLPA plans to request that the NFL release the rest of the emails,” NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith told Mike Jones of USA Today.

An NFL spokesperson told Jones that the league has “no current plans” to release the emails because “confidentiality was an element of the investigation into the Washington Football Team and workplace review.”

That’s fine. But why did the Gruden emails get out? The confidentiality already has failed, via the leaks to both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. It’s a little too late to cite confidentiality, after the NFL already deliberately waived it when handing specific emails to two major media outlets.

51 responses to “NFLPA plans to petition NFL to release the rest of the WFT emails

  1. Hold on TIGHT everyone. There could be a lot of job openings coming up. Those of you with a hatred for your current coaching staff, or front office personnel might be in luck. Heck, there might be some teams for sale.

  2. Agreed. If the choice was made to release selective emails targeting Gruden for whatever reason, they need to release all of them. Gruden is done in both of his chosen professions due to the consequences of what was said; Why not release them all and hold all parties accountable?

  3. When did the NFL turn into the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Was there a specific date or was it a gradual process?

  4. You don’t get 40 mil a year cuz you’re really good at your job, which Goodell is not. You get it cuz you have dirt on everyone.

  5. For a report that was never produced in physical form it sure has had a lot of material and evidence get leaked. NFL just does whatever it feels like. Rules if inconvenient are ignored, good business practices put by the wayside when convenient to do so. Gruden put himself in the jackpot. But the NFL just does what it likes and then presumes they wont get really challenged if they go over the line.

  6. It all points back to the little troll in DC who runs the Redskins into the ground while making all the money in the world. #FIRESNYDER

  7. I hope the NFLPA realizes the owners can release player emails and texts if this continues. Heck wouldn’t be surprised if journalists were targeted too unless something criminal is in them shouldn’t be anybody’s business. This isn’t a good precedent to set.

  8. Those emails will not be released. If I were the NFL and since this was a business decision I would tell everyone to pound sand and destroy all those emails, notes and records and tell everyone it’s none of your business!

  9. NFL should make a show of it and let the halftime performers rap the emails in the half-time show. For those of you unfamiliar with the genre you’ll be able to tell the difference, gruden’s emails will be the ones that aren’t bleeped out every other word

  10. badrobot74 says:
    October 12, 2021 at 3:00 pm
    Agreed. If the choice was made to release selective emails targeting Gruden for whatever reason, they need to release all of them. Gruden is done in both of his chosen professions due to the consequences of what was said; Why not release them all and hold all parties accountable?

    Because now they hold leverage over everyone else that has something in an email, and those folks will know who they are and will have witness the demonstration that was just done for their benefit.

  11. This opened a can of worms. The NFL was investigating the WFT and somehow Jon Gruden became a target.
    Add, these are not NFL emails these are WFT emails in which the NFL is investigating.
    The whole thing smells.

  12. Is anyone shocked a bunch of meat heads who have spent their entire lives crashing full speed into each other, trash talking, and coming from for the most part rough upbringings, are not the most politically correct group of individuals. Almost every coach and executive was a player at some level, and grew up in that atmosphere. Applying todays hyperactive political correctness to communications from a decade or more ago can go no where but in a bad direction. Probably should just shut the league down now.

  13. The NFL owners will ignore this request. They’ll everything they can to change the subject and make this go away. But they’ll put a lot of effort into discovering who leaked the emails. The owners don’t want this scandal to turn into the NFL’s version of the Pentagon Papers, exposing and humiliating senior management in league offices, team offices, and media offices.

  14. Gruden’s emails are obviously NOT okay, but this was a witch hunt, right? Is that clear to everybody? This was an investigation into Washington, and it got Gruden, who was not employed by Washington, and does not currently work for Washington, fired. That’s wild.

    If I’m Gruden, I’m furious. Also, no way Al Davis would have caved to the NFL.

  15. When it comes down to it, coaches are mostly jocks. And jocks are mostly stupid. Don’t kid yourselves

  16. I think they’re gunning for Snyder. Gruden’s just collateral damage – he got it for insulting the Commish.

  17. I think this is just for show. No way Smith really puts the NFL on the spot after they just did him a solid.

  18. Burn it to the ground. Cancel everything until they cancel themselves. Everyone has skeletons but apparently oy certain people are held accountable while others skate by…

  19. To be fair,if Gruden’s emails were exposed,then so should everyone else’s. The NFL is on the brink of a scandal of epic proportions.

  20. Remember how all those Raider Executives retired at the beginning of the year and nobody knew why?

  21. Someone needs to go to court and ensure these emails are preserved given the NFL’s lack of integrity and history of destroying evidence. Goodell’s desire to make an example of Gruden could bring down a lot of people… including Goodell himself if this is a widespread, systemic problem, which is appears to be.

  22. Looks like this is what’s happening!!!

    Where did Big Brother is watching come from?
    A phrase taken from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, meaning one’s actions and intentions are being monitored by the government as a means of controlling and suppressing the will of the populace. You have to be careful what you write in an email these days.

  23. Clearly Gruden was targeted. He resigned, but I wouldn’t assume he won’t pursue a lawsuit regarding being singled out, unfair practices, or something along those lines. It would all depend on what is provable. Whatever the league was doing could be a real hornets nest if it all saw the light of day, but they would drag something like that out for years until it just went away or the narrative was so anti-Gruden the purpose would be lost and the league would look pristine again.

  24. This is all real easy. If you don’t want to get caught being a blank, then don’t be a blank.

  25. So you can rape and punch out your girlfriends and still keep your job but Gruden is the white Devil.How are these guys on nfl talk shows for way less. Nfl has to take a serious look how they view Bad people.This isn’t a joke

  26. Wonder if Gruden kept copies of all his emails over the years…I bet he could release them and then get the popcorn out! I also wonder how many of them contain conversation with league representatives!

  27. Pro football needs to let people hear the truth about real criminals that are still working on the air. Stop covering for violent criminals that get to go on like woman getting beat down .

  28. Entire thing is sad. Bottom line, don’t EVER put anything in writing that can come back to haunt you.

  29. Fans that worship a guy who implored Russian Intelligence to release his opponent’s emails (that were illegally obtained) are all over this thread claiming Gruden’s a victim because content of his emails were leaked. Guys, do see any irony in your protestations?

    We are through the Looking Glass.

  30. I think that we should release everyone’s texts, emails and transcripts of their phone calls
    ( The NSA can do that for all 3 from 2003- present ) and let’s find the handful of people who have never said, forwarded a joke or made a remark they would not want everyone to see.

  31. Gruden has a lifetime 0.513 NFL head coaching record. For contrast, Belichick is 0.678 lifetime.

    An average coach was discovered to have a decade long history of openly expressing racist, anti-gay and misogynistic language. Emails were leaked because they were written evidence but it is likely that those that know Gruden have seen him express those sentiments.

    Individuals in leadership positions can’t behave like that and keep their positions of authority in most organizations. The exception is organizations that have a tacit acceptance of “white grievance”, the type expressed on this thread in defense of Gruden and that was omnipresent in response to black players kneeling in protest.

    Of course Gruden isn’t an exception in the hierarchical ranks of the NFL but clearly they saw him as disposable.

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