Robert Saleh on Zach Wilson: Look where Josh Allen was through five NFL games

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The Bills are at the top of the AFC East and the play of their quarterback Josh Allen is a big reason for their success.

The Jets are at the bottom of the division and the play of their quarterback Zach Wilson is a big reason why they’ve struggled. Wilson is completing 57.3 percent of his passes with four touchdowns and nine interceptions while being sacked 18 times. That adds up to a 62.9 quarterback rating, which Jets head coach Robert Saleh acknowledged on Monday is frustrating to see while also noting that Wilson’s not the first quarterback to get off to a rough start.

“It’s not easy being a rookie quarterback, never has been, never will be,” Saleh said, via the team’s website. “Josh Allen the first five games of his rookie year, the numbers were the same as what our guy is going through. I know it can be frustrating sometimes, but it’s going to start clicking. It’s a rollercoaster ride and you have to take the good with the good, and the bad with the bad.”

Allen also started right out of the gate as a rookie and completed 55.7 percent of his passes with two touchdowns and five interceptions. He did add three rushing touchdowns, but was also sacked 19 times in his first five games.

That doesn’t mean that Wilson is going to flourish into the MVP candidate that Allen became last season, but it is reason for the Jets to continue believing that better things will come for their first-round pick.

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  1. Every QB is different. Some you know are never going to be one, Nathan Peterman comes to mind, and then there is Allen who got incredibly better from his 2nd to 3rd year. From what I have seen of Wilson, he certainly shows promise and at least the Jets don’t have to look for a QB for next season at least.

  2. My top QBs coming out of last draft were
    1.Trevor Lawrence
    2.Justin Fields
    3.Mac Jones

    I didn’t even rate Zach Wilson and Trey Lance because I don’t like one year wonders. One of the pattern recognitions tto determine QB busts are the “one-year wonder” factor:

    I think Trey and Zach Wilson can be good QBs but they need to sit a year or two and develop. Playing them right now does more damage than good.

  3. While I wouldn’t give up one Wilson after 5 games, I think he’s the most likely of the 5 first round picks to be a bust. I see him doing a lot of the same stuff he did in college in terms of hero ball, but that often doesn’t translate to the NFL, which is part of why he has 9 interceptions. Also, his first half stats are abysmal. Check this out:

    1st half: 47% completion, 292 yards (58.4 yards/game), 0 TD, 6 Int., 4.6 YPA
    2nd Half: 63% Completion, 768 yards (153.6 yards/game), 4 TD, 3 Int., 7.6 YPA

    That is awful. Not all of this is one Wilson (He has literally thrown 4 passes with a lead), but that is a horrifying difference. The Jets did him zero favors by not signing some sort of veteran mentor. Adjusting to the NFL would be hard enough, but this kid is also adjusting from going from small town Utah to New York City (and played in London in week 5). The jets continue their history of not setting their QBs up for success. You never know, he could have an Allen-like development and maturity in the next few years and I do like Saleh, but at the moment, I’m doubting it.

  4. There are WAY too many hot takes about the rookie QB’s – all of them.

    You really can’t evaluate a QB for at least 2-3 years. Jones looks great now, but maybe his ceiling is as a short-pass game manager. Wilson hasn’t looked good, but neither did Manning in year 1.

    On most of these teams, the QB’s also need their situations to improve. They need better lines, and better receivers to throw to. These things take time.

  5. In his first five games, Peyton Manning had four touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Rookie quarterbacks can’t be judged this early.

  6. nfldivas says:
    October 12, 2021 at 11:50 am
    The Bills also had/have a much more talented roster and a non-meddling owner.
    Not quite.
    Allen’s receivers were Zay Jones, Andre Holmes, Kelvin Benjamin, Jeremy Kerley, Robert Foster and a 30yr old Charles Clay and RB LeSean McCoy.
    Wilson’s receivers are Jamison Crowder, Corey Davis, Keelan Cole, Braxton Berrios, Ryan Griffin/Tyler Kroft and RB Michael Carter.
    Allen was supposed to ride the pine for his first season, but was thrust in because of poor play by Nate Peterman. Wilson was named the day 1 starter… Allen a backup.

  7. I watched Josh Allens every game. He made mistakes but he also was exciting to watch and it felt like having a tiger by the tail. Every Bills fan saw his ability and potential.
    Trust your eyes and your gut when judging these QBs. If I trusted mainstream media and my friends who watched highlights, I would have thought Josh was the second coming of Peterman. But I knew. Bills fans knew. What do Jets fans see?

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