Sean McDermott: Win over Kansas City a good sign in early stage of the season

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills
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The Bills have emerged as the league’s most dominant team through the first five weeks of the season, putting an exclamation point on their progress with Sunday’s victory over the Chiefs.

But head coach Sean McDermott isn’t reading too much into what that win in Kansas City could mean for his team going forward.

“I think more than anything, it’s a step in the right direction,” McDermott said Monday, via Jay Skurski of The Buffalo News. “They’re a good football team. You know, we’re trying to continue to grow and become a good football team. To see the contributions that were made from everyone, in particular, a couple of the young players in that game that are new to our team this year, that we acquired via the draft, is a good sign. It doesn’t mean we’re where we need to be, right? But it is a good sign at this early stage of the season.”

The Bills are currently the league’s top scoring team and on defense are No. 1 in points and yards allowed. There’s plenty of season left to be played, but especially considering their division, the Bills look like they’ll be able to coast into the postseason in 2021.

6 responses to “Sean McDermott: Win over Kansas City a good sign in early stage of the season

  1. Congrats to the Bills. That game wasn’t as close as the scoreboard would indicate. The Bills dominated. The Chiefs have some serious issues to address:
    1) The defense can’t stop anyone and can’t force turnovers
    2) The oline is not any better than the one that lost the SB
    3) Because of #2, Mahomes is running for his life every play and trying to do to much which is resulting in more interceptions than he has had in his first 3 seasons combined.
    4) They still have no run game. CEH is not an every down back.
    The road to the SB in the AFC now runs through Buffalo.

  2. I like the mindset that McD seems to have these Bills in. You could tell when they came out from that extended halftime on Sunday night. A lot of former Bills teams wouldn’t have been as disciplined and could have lost focus then, causing a shift in momentum. The Bills were all business coming out of that halftime and executed just like they had in the 1st half.

    No one is celebrating Lombardi’s in October. Enjoy the win, but you have another tough game next week, and you move on. There is a long, long way to go this season. It felt good to beat KC, just to know that the Bills CAN beat them – but it will be a different game if they face off in January.

  3. I mean let’s face it this team was broken as far back as week 2 vs ravens. Speaking of which I want to thank the fans and more importantly their organization for the 32nd draft pick Odafe Oweh who the chiefs could have had for this swiss cheese defense but instead opted for a one year average LT (who they have not extended) in exchange for the current defensive rookie of the year on a 5 year contract! Hah! Cheers!

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