Brett Favre still hasn’t fully repaid Mississippi for his no-show gig


In May 2020, word surfaced that Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre had received a $1.1 million no-show gig from the state of Mississippi, with the funding coming from welfare programs. Favre quickly said he’d pay back the money, while also claiming that he never received money for work he didn’t perform.

Seventeen months later, Favre still hasn’t paid back all of the money.

Via, Favre still hasn’t returned $828,000, a number that includes interest.

In May, Mississippi confirmed that Favre had not yet paid the money. It’s unclear where it goes from here. Could Mississippi take legal action against Favre? Or is Mississippi content to wait until the finally writes the check?

Regardless, it’s a bad look for Favre, an ironman during his playing career who has earned for himself another label. Deadbeat.