David Culley: We have to be more consistent and not be our own enemy

Carolina Panthers v Houston Texans
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At 1-4, the Texans have the kind of record most expected when the season began.

But they’ve been competitive in a few games, looking solid before quarterback Tyrod Taylor injured his hamstring. And the team held a 22-9 lead over New England on Sunday before allowing the Patriots to score 16 unanswered points to win 25-22.

There were some special teams miscues during the game, with a punt going off a player’s helmet for 0 yards, a missed extra point, and a missed 56-yard field goal. Head coach David Culley said those things come down to execution.

That’s part of why Culley feels the Texans have to stop beating themselves.

“I don’t think we have to be perfect, but we have to be more consistent than what we’ve been,” Culley said, via Aaron Wilson of Sports Talk 790. “When you’re 1-4 and you look back and you see why those things happen, you look back and want to say, ‘Was it the team you’re playing?’ That hasn’t been the case with us.

“It’s been us, we’ve been the enemy sometimes. A lot of those miscues that we had wasn’t because of what they did, it was what we didn’t do. We’ve got to just get better and continue to do that. We were in a ballgame that we could’ve very easily have won. They made the play in the end to win the game, and we didn’t put ourselves in a situation to do that. But I feel comfortable moving forward that we’ve just got to keep becoming more consistent and not be the enemy.”

The Texans are facing a division rival in similar circumstances this weekend in the 1-4 Colts, who also just allowed a double-digit comeback in Week Five. Unless there’s a tie, at least one team will walk away with a second victory of the season.

3 responses to “David Culley: We have to be more consistent and not be our own enemy

  1. That dude is a moron. He stands on the sidelines and looks like he is confused, but not just confused, angry that hes confused.

    And that punt play, pretty tricky stuff. The Chuck Pagano Colts thought it was awesome. LMFAO

  2. Miscues? That fake fake punt was no miscue and to blame execution is a cop out. That was bad coaching to even draw up a play like that. To have the punter line up, run forward, run backwards, and then punt while having other players shift all over the place was a bad concept to start with. Then to throw the players under the “execution” bus is more bad coaching.

    But as a Patriot fan, your gift is appreciated…

  3. You may want to stop the gyrations and cheerleading and actually pay attention.

    That was one of the worst game management games I’ve ever seen. The fake punt fiasco, as entertaining as it looked, was this odd false bravado when they had momentum. So dumb.

    I don’t know where these teams get these coaches.

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