Giants’ Evan Engram says Cowboys’ Jayron Kearse punched him after Sunday’s game

NFL: OCT 10 Giants at Cowboys
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Giants tight end Evan Engram says Cowboys safety Jayron Kearse punched him in the face after the teams met on Sunday.

Engram told Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News that the incident took place while the two teams were leaving the field and shaking hands.

“I walked up on him. He walked up on me kinda, saying some stuff. He threw the punch,” Engram said. “We had some guys there that separated us, so it was kind of boom, boom. He stole one off, and everybody was there to separate us. So I kinda just let it go. I dapped up some of my old coaches and friends on the other side [afterward] and went into the locker room.”

It is unclear whether any video of the incident exists. It was not shown on the FOX broadcast, and the NFL said the incident was not captured by any NFL Films cameras.

Engram said he didn’t retaliate so as not to get fined.

“I don’t need any of that. It was a little baby punch anyway. It was soft. So I definitely want to keep my money in my pocket. I’m good,” Engram said.

The Giants and Cowboys meet again on December 19.

23 responses to “Giants’ Evan Engram says Cowboys’ Jayron Kearse punched him after Sunday’s game

  1. john mara will likely get the Cowboys docked 30 million in cap space for that. The sooner he is on the wrong side of the grass, the better (even though he looks like he is anyways).

  2. It’s better than throwing the punch during the game and having your team pay the penalty. At least if there are going to be any penalties, it won’t hurt the team.

  3. “It was a little baby punch anyway. It was soft” is the correct way to respond rather than punching him back while on the field. Off the field, go ahead and punch him back if you’re feeling tough

  4. Curious as to what “walked up on” actually is meaning. Any different than walked up to?

  5. I’m guessing that game in NY later this year may get a bit chippy, I just hope NY has all their horses so when we crush them again they can cry all off season

  6. Now The TV cameras will stay on the players after the game to catch any extracurricular action!

  7. If you watched the end of the game, on the last play, one of the Giants ripped the helmet off a Cowboy player while they were both on the ground. They may have been what the punch was about.

  8. Sure He did. Just like You almost won that game Evan. Guy has been a draft bust since day one.

  9. Kearse was a big whiney baby when he played for the Lions and the Vikings too. There’s a reason he’s on at least his third team.

  10. kyzmyn2 says:
    October 13, 2021 at 5:53 pm
    Curious as to what “walked up on” actually is meaning. Any different than walked up to?
    Is this a joke?

  11. So the guy who ran to help your QB when he nearly got his head taken off, the guy you pushed first that got yout teammate bounced, threw a punch that no one, not the league, not FOX, not anyone with a cellphone caught this interaction?

  12. Engram is just unhappy that he’s become such a bust that he’s trying to stir the pot. Ignore the ridiculous statement and forget the unremarkable player.

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