Jim Irsay: Colts will win at least two Lombardis this decade

NFL: DEC 08 Colts at Buccaneers
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The Colts are 1-4 and will be without either their first-round pick or their second-round pick in the 2022 NFL draft because of the Carson Wentz trade, but owner Jim Irsay insists his team’s future is bright.

Irsay wrote on Twitter that the Colts will win the Super Bowl and hoist the Lombardi Trophy at least twice in the 2020s.

“Colts Nation,don’t you worry…we’re gonna get The Horseshoe at least 2 Lombardis this decade,” Irsay wrote. “As sure as the sun rises and the seasons change,it’s COMING! Don’t you ever doubt that,EVER! YOU WILL SEE GREATNESS. BELIEVE AND YOU WILL SEE.”

The Colts have won only one Lombardi since moving to Indianapolis in 1984, despite having the incredible good fortune of owning the first overall pick in the NFL draft when the two most sure-thing franchise quarterback prospects (Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck) entered the league.

So Irsay might be just a tad overly optimistic about where the Colts are headed.

64 responses to “Jim Irsay: Colts will win at least two Lombardis this decade

  1. The only way two Lombardis will end up in Indy is if the Colts fire Frank Reich and replace him with the Chargers’ OC – and Joe Lombardi and his family move to Indy.

  2. You don’t even have a half decent QB to begin with, even with all other things being equal. If you don’t fix that, no way are they winning any. With Carson Wentz, don’t think so.

  3. Irsay wrote his tweet at 3:32am. No person anywhere is doing anything good on social media at 3:32am.

  4. Or say jokes really do write themselves. I give him credit for his excitement but I am not sure which datapoint he is seeing that suggests TWO superbowl wins.

  5. That is a wilding thing to say right after your team completely choked a game away and look to be on the cusp of a total rebuild.

  6. Jim you have great enthusiasm about your team, but it ain’t going to happen. You had one of the greatest QBs in the history of the NFL, Manning, and you only had one in the last 40+ years! Better concentrate on winning your division before you make a statement like that.

  7. It doesn’t sound like they will throw in the towel with Wentz. I’m starting to think the Eagles have a chance at getting the 1st round pick as long as he’s healthy.

  8. “As sure as the sun rises and the seasons change,it’s COMING! Don’t you ever doubt that,EVER! YOU WILL SEE GREATNESS. BELIEVE AND YOU WILL SEE.”

    I have heard so many folks both in and out of sports talk exactly like that.

  9. Big Jim needs to focus on winning two games first this season before he starts making it rain championships out there in Indy.

  10. Eh, maybe not the greatest thing to overpromise, but I don’t mind this sentiment. I’m glad he seems to care about winning. What’s he going to do, tell the truth and be like “We’ll probably eek into the playoffs each year, maybe win the wild card round, and then we’ll see what happens!!!”?

  11. We humbly accept your Top-10, 1st Round Pick. Good luck with the multiple Super Bowl thing.

  12. “Ron Powlus will win the Heisman Trophy at least twice…He will be the best quarterback in the history of Notre Dame!” ~ Beano Cook

  13. Yep, Colts and Bears are going to split rematches in four out of the next 8 Super Bowls.

    SMH :O

  14. How about start small and just shoot for making the playoffs? Getting to the SB is really really hard, let alone winning it. Just ask KC, who looked like they were gonna roll for the next 10 years with Mahomes. They’re still a great team, but staying at that high level isn’t easy.

    Or how about Baltimore? I’m a Jackson fan, and he can take over a game and carry his team like few other players…except when he doesn’t, and then they have no answer. Jackson, at times, makes Baltimore look like a sure thing to dominate the league, but it’s not that easy, and you can’t put all your hopes with one player.

  15. This is the same guy who said a team is not a dynasty unless it’s won three Super Bowls in a row, so at least he’s not promising Colts fans a dynasty, right?

  16. They have a very strong roster for the most part, but who will be the quarterback during those Super Bowl runs? Surely not the guy who was outplayed by Nick Foles.

  17. Only 2? Why not shoot for the sweep and say they’ll win them all if going to live in lala land?

  18. I appreciate the optimism, but if you won one with two decades of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, I don’t think Carson Wentz is bringing you two in the next nine years. But since we’re making unlikely predictions, I’ve got the Bears penciled in for a five-peat at some point this decade

  19. Time to hang another banner: “Future Super Bowl Champion 202x”. Actually 2 of them!! Lucky.

  20. When will these fanbases like the Jets or Colts finally realize that their owners are their problem?

    They will never win anything as long as these delusional, self-absorbed primadonna owners are at the top.

    Irsay had Manning. He won 1 ring. 1.

  21. What a gasbag.Jimmy is the definition of a guy born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. Worse is his worthless promise/prediction. This is about as reliable as Bob was saying he wasn’t moving the team. Pure BS.

  22. I think they chose the wrong ex-Eagle QB. The one that actually won a SB may have been better to ride with.

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