John Lynch: It’s time for Brandon Aiyuk to take that next step

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals
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Wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk‘s role in the 49ers offense has been a matter of discussion all season.

He’s played two-thirds of the offensive snaps, but has just eight catches for 90 yards and a touchdown through the first five games of the year. Head coach Kyle Shanahan said a few weeks ago that it was just a “matter of time” before the 2020 first-round pick began producing at a higher level and General Manager John Lynch indicated on Tuesday that he’d like to see the wideout make that step.

During an appearance on KNBR, Lynch said “it’s time to take that next step” and that it’s “incumbent on everyone” to make sure that happens.

“The bottom line is we each have to find a way — I’m talking we as a team and Brandon as a player — because for us to get where we want to get, we need his talent and abilities on the field,” Lynch said, via Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News. “Having said that, it’s important you earn your opportunities. You do that during the week. It’s not as if Brandon isn’t working hard. For whatever reason, he hasn’t made the strides we expect him to. We probably hold him to higher standards because he has so much in his body.”

Lynch said the 49ers need the “explosiveness” that Aiyuk brings to the offense and they’ll try to tap into it when they return from their bye in Week Seven.

8 responses to “John Lynch: It’s time for Brandon Aiyuk to take that next step

  1. What is the real story about his practice habits to date? Is his route running poor or is he playing through injury?

    14 targets in 5 games might be a QB issue too.

  2. No, it’s time for you all to be smart and aggressive like your competition and trade for Odell Beckham Jr.

  3. Cee Dee Lamb was the obvious choice, not some untested rookie with a bum knee! Shanahan and Lynch will be gone by 2024 at the latest, and one of them by 2023!

  4. Niners are fine and have loads of talent on both sides of the ball. You guys are nuts thinking either of them will be gone in the next year or two unless they want to be gone.

  5. Aiyuk isn’t the problem. Obviously, he’s super-talented.

    The problem is QB play, which isn’t talented from either of them. Neither one of them know how to maneuver in the pocket. They’re statues back there. You’re not going to have a perfect pocket every pass play. If they’re not open off the hop, then the QBs don’t let the play develop and give them more time to get open. That’s the reason we never throw the ball deep.

  6. Shanahan is the only one that needs to step up. Brian Baldinger was exactly right about his game plan last week. TERRIBLE! Didn’t put Lance in situations to excel, stopped running the ball, no play action, no screens, just bland and put Lance in situations he could get injured, which is exactly what happened. Get it together so called master offensive mind guy!

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